Experience the most beautiful regions of Europe in a Vintage car! Romantik Hotels & Restaurants combine wonderful trips with first-class culinary delights, a cozy ambience and warm hospitality. Feel the wind in your hair and go on an unforgettable discovery tour with your classic car.

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Full speed ahead

The fascination of classic cars is inspiring more and more younger people and invites them to take a leisurely tour of discovery through breathtaking landscapes.

Learn more about the bliss of sitting in a vintage car, turning the ignition key and hearing the engine's roar and feeling the vibration under the hood.

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A trip through three countries

Connect the three neighboring countries Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands on a fascinating route. Climb into your classic car and enjoy exciting and relaxing vacations with Romantik Hotels & Restaurants along the route.

Check out the exclusive highlights along the route!

Romantik Tip:

In the Romantik Jugendstilhotel Bellevue's own 1929 Austin 12, you will experience a tour of Traben-Trabach on the Moselle, the Art Nouveau style and the history of the wine trade. During the tour, which lasts just under an hour, you will learn how Art Nouveau came to the Moselle and why there was a very active wine trade. Around 1900 Traben-Trabach was the second largest wine trading center in Europe after Bordeaux. The trip is not only interesting for those interested in history but also for special occasion trips like weddings.

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