Château de Longpré

Chateau de Longpre Zimmer

Located in Varilhes, Arège, the Hotel-Restaurant Château de Longpré is a 4-star hotel steeped in history, in an idyllic setting with magnificent views of the Pyrenees, owned by the Cantos couple.

Inside this 18th century building, eight rooms and suites have been designed to offer visitors a moment of peace and serenity. Each room has its own universe and decor, but always in a chic and cozy atmosphere.

You can enjoy the restaurant Le Longpré. There you can taste local specialties in a cozy atmosphere while enjoying the breathtaking view of the castle grounds and French gardens. The castle has its own vineyard. There is a bar available for tea time.... and in the evening you can indulge in delicious cocktails!

Contact & Directions

Château de Longpré
Château de Longpré
Livia Cantos
France-09120 Varilhes
FR - Occitanie -

Carcassonne Salvaza (67km)

Toulouse-Blagnac (87km)