Discover sustainable hotels - with Romantik.

Discover the new dimension of travelling: sustainability at Romantik starts with your arrival by train and with regional products on your breakfast plate. Our Romantik hoteliers work with a large number of local suppliers, use sustainable energy and protect historical monuments. Our brand is aware of its responsibility for the environment and society. The topic of sustainability is therefore firmly anchored in the philosophy of Romantik Hotels & Restaurants - for a better future and a mindful present.

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Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl
Hühner im Jagdhaus Eiden

Sustainability at Romantik: The five pillars for a better future

Our contribution to a more sustainable future is based on five pillars that are firmly anchored in our philosophy.

  1. Our history & tradition: Our Romantik Hotels, most of which are family-run, are located in historic buildings such as castles, listed houses or old buildings and preserve history and stories.
  2. Our region & environment: Many Romantik hoteliers and chefs already source their products from regional farmers or companies with short journey times. This not only supports local suppliers, but also counteracts unnecessary CO2 emissions - for a smaller ecological footprint. Some hotels grow their ingredients in their own gardens.
  3. Our earth & environment: We value our nature, all plants and living creatures. Many of the Romantik Hotels are located in rural areas and unfold their full potential here. Our hoteliers use natural resources, obtain sustainable energy from their own photovoltaic systems or provide their guests with electric charging stations.
  4. Our responsibility & safety: Above all, sustainable tourism means taking responsibility. We create safe workplaces and deal with safety issues and problems on a daily basis. Romantik Hotels pay attention to the labelling of allergens, offer health weeks for guests and provide defibrillators.
  5. Our community & diversity: We attach great importance to respectful interaction and give all nationalities, age groups and genders the chance to become part of the Romantik family. We offer our employees team events, a learning campus and a trainee exchange programme, and provide staff accommodation, bicycles and a free bonus programme.

Introducing: Our sustainable Romantik Hotels

Discover here how sustainability is lived in the individual Romantik Hotels. We give you a little insight and introduce you to some of our sustainable hotels that have firmly integrated sustainability, the future and responsibility into their everyday lives:

Stiegl-Gut Wildshut

Circular economy, slow food & digital detox

A 100% well thought-out concept with its own circular economy: at the Romantik Hotel Stiegl-Gut Wildshut near Salzburg, old furniture is used, sustainable organic beers are brewed and herbs are harvested. The meat comes from their own garden, fragrant bread from their own oven and honey from busy bees next door. Sustainable consumption also works here as part of the Slow Food membership and with the help of Digital Detox - because there are no televisions or Wi-Fi in the rooms.

Franconian wine hotel with its own greenhouse

Romantik Hotel Zur Schwane in Volkach

The Schwane on the green Mainschleife near Würzburg not only runs its own winery, but also its own greenhouse. The entire team nurtures and cultivates organically grown, fresh vegetables for the two restaurants. They determine the time of harvest and degree of ripeness themselves. This avoids long transport routes and reduces the impact on the climate. The Schwane uses an electric car and also provides its guests with 8 electric charging points. There is also a photovoltaic system on the roof of the winery, which supports the hotel with 60KW.

RoWi pflanzt Zukunft

Sustainability & charity in the Harz Mountains

RoWi plants the future: the RoLigio Wellness Resort Romantischer Winkel in the Harz Mountains not only supports ecological sustainability projects, but also charity projects. Travelling sustainably here means, for example, doing without intermediate cleaning. Every time you do without, the Romantischer Winkel plants a tree to gradually reforest the neighbouring forests. The hotel has been awarded the Viabono certificate for particularly environmentally friendly management.

Maison Hornberg

Spring water from the Swiss Alps

Chalet-style country hotel with a view of the mountains: In addition to the natural swimming pond in the garden, only the best regional ingredients are served at the Romantik Hotel MAISON HORNBERG. A speciality of the hotel is the sustainable drinking water. This is obtained fresh from the hotel's own spring right outside the front door and can be bubbled up on request. The stylish glass water bottles with the Hornberg label are freshly bottled on site and do not have to be transported.

 Nachhaltig beeindruckend

Sustainable impressing