Hôtel du Tumulus

Zi Hotel du Tumulus Carnac2

This charming and characterful little hotel has been upholding a tradition of family hospitality for four generations, located in an outstanding natural setting at the highest point in Carnac in southern Brittany. Just below, the swimming pool and a wide terrace, ideal place to relax. In the restaurant, you will enjoy the sweeping views as well as the regional cuisine – a combination of simplicity. The fully renovated interior is a clever blend of wood, stone and marble, with elegant bedrooms and suites with garden terraces. A hammam and spa offer a wide range of treatments and massages. Between the land and the sea, an authentic address in southern Brittany.

Hôtel du Tumulus
Hôtel du Tumulus
Gwenaëlle Wilhelm-Bailloud
Chemin du Tumulus
France-56340 Carnac
FR - Bretagne -

A10 or A11, dir. Rennes, Lorient-Vannes. In Auray, dir. Quiberon, Carnac

Auray (15km)

Lorient - Southern Brittany (40km)