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The Village, the Castle and the Surroundings

On the southern edge of the flat Birrfeld, around 2km west of the river Reuss and about 2 km north-east of the river Bünz. The eastern edge of the Kestenberg steeply soars at the outskirts of the village. This spur of the Jura Mountains is up to 647 m high and is characterized by a narrow rocky ridge that extends up to 4 km until to the river Aare.

Neighbouring towns and villages:

  • Birr in the North
  • Birrhard in the Northeast
  • Mägenwil in the Southeast
  • Othmarsingen in the South
  • Möriken-Wildegg in the West

The first mention of Brunegge was in 1273. The name of the villages derives from the Old High German (ze dero) brunun ekko and translates to "by the braum mountain ridge".

Brunegg Castle
The castle was built in the 13th century and is located 120 m over the village on a bold rocky promontory at the eastern edge of the Kestenberg ridge. It was remodelled as a residential castle and consists of the inner bailey with residential portion of the 13th century, a garden of the 19th century and two outbuildings.
Among its most famous residents are the Swiss historian Jean rudolf von Salis and the Swiss author Hermmann Burger who commited suicide there in 1989. In 1988 he memorialized the castle literarily in his novel "Brenner", having called in "Brunsleben".

Wildegg Castle
Stroll through its 3,000 sq m pleasure garden, smell the flowers and marvel. The garden is an oasis of senses in every season.

Habsburg Castle

The canton of Sargau has been owning the Habsburg Castle since 1804. It is the only castle of the canton that has its own restoration service. The western part of the former twin castle is still preserved and sits enthroned at the Wülpelsberg overlooking the Aare valley, the Schenkenberger valley and the Eigenamt.

Schinzach Bad
The municipality is located in the district of Brugg in canton of Aargau. Until 1938 it was called Birrenlauf. Because of its sulfurous thermal spring it is a toursit attraction. It is located on the right shore of the Aare between Lenzburg and Brugg.
Opening hours of the thermal bath: Monday - Sunday 8 am - 10 pm (ticket office closing time 9 pm); may differ on public holidays.


Popular destinations

  • Castle Brunegg 1.40 km
  • Castle Wildegg 4.20 km
  • Schinznach Bad 6.70 km
  • Castle Habsburg 7.20 km