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Pure Relaxation in a country hotel: Short timeout from the daily routine

From Flensburg to Florence and from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea: almost no other region in the world offers such a variety as central Europe. You can walk over mudflats or climb mountains, relax on the beach or get active doing sports – yet always finish the day in a cosy country hotel. Especially aside from the big cities and off the tracks beaten by the masses, there is so much to discover.

Relaxed holidays in a country hotel

Is there anything better than to be woken up by the sun and to have a look outside of the window into the green nature? Vacation at the countryside promises pure regeneration. Discover the picturesque parts of your chosen holiday location by foot or by bike, stroll through the romantic villages in between exquisitely restored half-timbered houses or historical brick buildings. Hiking in the mountain range lifts the spirits in an extraordinary way, something which has been confirmed by science, help by the expansive views in the countryside and the fresh air. If you book your country spa hotel, you will find the nature practically in front of your hotel door! Particularly attractive is the sometimes rugged landscape at the sea, where the dyke’s limit is the horizon and houses nestle among the thick reeds, or the bizarre rock formations in the Saxon Switzerland, through which the still narrow Elbe winds its way.

Culinary highlights in the country hotel

With the right cooking, the vacation on the countryside becomes a complete pleasure. Find out in one of our Romantic Hotels & Restaurants what the region has to offer! Let it tender lamb from the Rhön sheep, freshly peeled North Sea shrimps or handmade Fettuccine Alfredo in Italy. The meal in the country hotel is accompanied with matching wine or a freshly tapped fermented dark, Pils or wheat beer. In a lot of regions, the brewery even takes place in the house and the wine grows just next door. And finally, you will get an aromatic fruit brandy, an uncompromising grappa or –more than just an insider’s tip – Black Forest gin. Book one of our country spa hotels here and the anticipation of having relaxing days at the Romantic Hotel & Restaurant can begin.

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