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Time travel on the Castle Road

The Castle Road is one of Germany's holiday routes and connects over 90 castles, palaces and ruins over almost 1,000 kilometres. And that from Mannheim to Prague. The historical buildings recall emperors and kings, poets and thinkers, robber barons and romances. But it is not only old stones that await discovery. The eventful history forms a lively backdrop for open-air plays and concerts, for knights' banquets and historical markets. As if on a journey back in time, holidaymakers can experience the way of life of that time in the countless museums. But also in the castle and palace hotels along the route, old knight's armour, romantic restaurants and historic courtyards await discovery. The atmosphere of times long past comes free of charge.

Visit along the route:

Herrmann's Romantik Posthotel in Wirsberg | Romantik Hotel Gasthaus Rottner in Nuremberg | Romantik Hotel Markusturm in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber 

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