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Diverse art in Italy

Italy is world famous for its diverse art: from the art treasures of early antiquity to Renaissance geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, to modern Italian design.
It's no wonder that Romantik Hotels & Restaurants in Italy with a focus on or awards in the field of art and design join the ranks here.

A wonderful example is the Romantik Hotel Cappella in Corvara, which covers both fields, classical art and modern design, and is a small museum in the middle of the mountains. The host family Kostner/Pizzinini's passion for art is particularly expressed in the hotel's own art gallery "Art Gallery Renée", which opened in 1989. Here, as well as in the corridors of the hotel, you will find valuable paintings, many of which are also for sale. In addition, showcases present handicrafts from all over the world, which the hosts have collected over 35 years of travel.

In 2016, the Romantik Hotel Cappella was also named a "Luxury Art Hotel" by the Luxury Travel Guide, because in addition to its love of art, the hotel also combines contemporary architecture and Alpine cosiness in an outstanding way.
Each of the 47 rooms and suites is unique, and well-known artists and designers have often been involved in the design, such as the South Tyrolean star designer Matteo Thun, a three-time winner of the Italian "Compasso d'Oro" design prize.

If you are looking for even more art in the classical sense, you will find it at the Romantik Hotel Turm in Völs. The hotel's top-class art collection includes works by Italian artists such as Giorgio de Chirico and Renato Guttuso as well as works by international greats from Joseph Beuys to Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Dix and Paul Klee. Lesser-known contemporary artists are also promoted through exhibitions.

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