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Visiting a fascinating landscape

The Moselle is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. To the left and right of the river you will find sometimes lovely, sometimes breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, always shaped by the water. The region is also one of the world's best wine-growing areas, the scene of diverse historical events and a guarantee for enjoyment! Stay at a hotel on the Moselle and see for yourself one of the most beautiful spots in Germany!

The Moselle winds, meanders and curves - on 278 kilometres as the crow flies between its source in the Vosges and its mouth in the Rhine, it manages to be 544 river kilometres long. The word river bend could have been invented specifically for the Moselle. New surprises and scenery await around every bend: Castles that have watched over the river for many centuries, picturesque villages nestling between the watercourse and the mountainsides, ships carrying their cargo upstream and downstream. It is clear that this oldest German wine-growing region has countless enthusiasts and holidays on the Moselle are extremely popular with wine lovers in particular: Riesling, Dornfelder, Müller-Thurgau and Elbling are good reasons for a trip to the Moselle.

Exploring the river and the vineyards from your hotel on the Moselle

An area that attracts people from all over the world naturally caters for its guests with many hotels. On the Moselle, Romantik Hotels & Restaurants are also waiting for guests who want to have a really good time. These fine, often family-run accommodations offer every conceivable comfort, courteous service and regional and international culinary specialities. And your hotelier will tell you first-hand everything that will make your holiday on the Moselle the perfect experience.
A canoe tour on the river? Experience one of the many local and long-distance cycle routes by bike? Get to know the Moselle from an observation boat? And, of course, hike the vineyards? Your hosts know all about it and can give you tips. No doubt they also know some very special winegrowers whose wines are definitely worth tasting. Which brings us back to Riesling and Dornfelder, Müller-Thurgau and Elbling.

Regional and seasonal specialities for special culinary delights

And you can also get to know them in the many "Strauß-Wirtschaften" (wine taverns), where every winegrower is allowed to serve his wine directly on his farm for 16 weeks - usually from May onwards - accompanied by a few simple, hearty dishes typical of the region. A very special kind of enjoyment. On the Moselle, you can tell that these temporary "pubs" are open by the colourfully decorated wreath hanging out. And then the grape harvest soon follows, which lasts from the end of September into November and provides the wine for the coming season.
Speaking of enjoyment: the Moselle region has produced a variety of special dishes and delicacies, especially fish is on the plate here. Eel, trout, pike-perch à la Moselle - a new and delicious experience. And a high-quality one: Gault-Millau points have been awarded dozens of times in the Moselle region, and there are also a few Michelin stars to discover. It's best to make your holiday on the Moselle a pleasure trip right away - you won't regret it. You can find your Romantik Hotel on the Moselle right here.

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