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The global city

Anyone who stops at a restaurant or bar in Geneva on holiday will immediately notice that not only French, Italian and German are spoken here, but almost every world language. This is not surprising; after all, the UN, CERN and the Red Cross are only the best-known of the numerous international organisations represented in Geneva. Their presence is reflected in the cityscape. The Palace of the League of Nations from the 1930s, for example, is one such building with history that is worth a visit - guided tours are available for everyone. Today it is the European headquarters of the United Nations. The Red Cross provides information about its 150-year history and, above all, its work in the present day in its own museum, which was only renovated in 2013. Those interested in technology can take a guided tour of the CERN nuclear research centre with its huge particle accelerators, which is just outside the city, before returning to their hotel in Geneva.

A souvenir to remember: Geneva and its chocolate

"Pavés de Genève", Geneva paving stones, is the name of a famous chocolate speciality sold in the elegant shops of the city's best chocolatiers. Be sure to try the small cubes of delicate chocolate, dusted with fine cocoa powder! Also tempting are the "Avelines" and "Nougatines de Genève" from Favanger or Philippe Pascoët's creations enhanced with champagne, herbs or cigar flavour (!), which sweeten any holiday in Geneva. To stay with the culinary specialities, which are also among the favourites of Romantik Hotels & Restaurants: The Canton of Geneva is the second largest wine-growing region in Switzerland. The white wine grape Chasselas (Gutedel) and the red Gamay are mainly harvested. Wines from places like Celigny, Jussy and Satigny are served in many hotels in Geneva.

Hotels in Geneva: Pure luxury

The city on Lake Geneva is a centre of the Swiss luxury watch industry. Rolex, Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Baume & Mercier and Patek Philippe, among others, have their headquarters here. Even a guided stroll to the city's watch shops is offered. Even more rewarding, however, is a tour of the Patek Philippe Museum, which not only displays watches from its own house - the company has been around since 1839 - but also other masterpieces from almost 500 years of watchmaking. Whether you are a gourmet, a watch lover or simply want to enjoy the flair of a wonderfully located metropolis - book your hotel in Geneva right here!

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