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Of the magic of the land between high and low tide

Anyone who visits the North Sea loves the wonderful climate, the restless wind, the foaming waves, the roar of the surf and the unmistakable smell of seawater and freedom. The North Sea coast breathes with the rhythm of the ocean, lives on the ebb and flow of the tide, is defined by stiff breezes and the melodic "Moin, moin" of the local fishermen. It is not unusual for North Sea holidaymakers to quote the well-known verses from the poem by Theodor Storm: "At the lagoon now the seagull flies, and twilight falls; over the wet mudflats the evening light reflects ...".

The North Sea is bordered by the island of Great Britain in the west and the northern and central European mainland with Norway, Denmark as well as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. But no matter where the wanderlust drives North Sea lovers - the North Sea is an adventure everywhere! Sailors and surfers, beach walkers and hikers on the dike tops, those seeking relaxation and bird lovers, gourmets and wellness fans - the North Sea has something for every type of holiday!

A treat for body and soul

If you spend your free days on the beaches of the North Sea, you can easily turn it into a climate cure. Holidaymakers with low blood pressure, weak immune systems and allergy sufferers are helped immensely by the healing North Sea climate. The circulation is also strengthened by the numerous climatic factors, such as air, sun, water and wind.

From a culinary point of view, the North Coast has nothing to hide. On the contrary: a trip to the north guarantees culinary delights. For example, there is an annual gourmet festival on the German coast in Schleswig-Holstein. The exquisite fish plays an outstanding role in this region. Not without reason: for more than a hundred years, the people at the sea have devoted themselves to skilful fishing. With success! Gourmets get their money's worth, and the soothing meal also rounds off a healthy holiday on the North Sea coast.

Hospitality of the Nordic kind

Warm, open-minded and always attentive to the holidaymaker: This is how visitors experience their hosts in the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants on the coast. Guests of the inviting hostels learn where the most beautiful places to watch seals and migratory birds are on Amrum. You can rent bicycles in Keitum on Sylt and ride through the tree-lined avenues of the small town. On Juist, recreation-seekers are picked up from the ferry port by horse-drawn carriage, as private cars are prohibited on this East Frisian island. But the most beautiful attraction of a North Sea holiday is probably still a walk on the beach. The dunes stretch seemingly endlessly along the seashore, tempting you to take long walks along the wild and beautiful coastline.

Hotel on the North Sea: relaxation with tradition

With a long tradition of tourism, the North Sea resorts also await wherever admirers of the North Sea coast wish to spend their holidays: The right Romantik Hotel & Restaurant with that extra sea view is right here.

Feel the sand between your toes, on the horizon the blue of the sky mixes with that of the sea. The wind ruffles your hair and sheep graze on the dunes. That is a holiday on the North Sea. Grog and tea or a cool Pilsner and specialities straight from the sea await you in the hotel: plaice fresh from the cutter, crabs, which strictly speaking are actually prawns, mussels and oysters. The North Sea coast from the border with Holland in the west to Germany's northernmost island, Sylt, is unique in the world. The Wadden Sea, where the water almost completely disappears at low tide, has a special charm. Walking from the hotel into the North Sea, here it is possible on dry feet.

The North Germans are said to have a certain gnarliness when dealing with strangers. In the hotels on the North Sea there is hardly any sign of this. Rough, but cordial and always turned towards the holidaymaker: This is how visitors experience their hosts in the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants on the coast. On Juist, the horse-drawn carriage picks you up from the ferry port, because private cars are forbidden on this East Frisian island. But the greatest attraction of a North Sea holiday is still a walk on the beach. The dunes stretch seemingly endlessly along the seashore and even in high season, you'll quickly leave the beach chairs of the busy sections behind you from your North Sea hotel.


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