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Seemingly endless beaches, chugging ships passing by, warm sand between your toes: The view of the North Sea landscape is impressive. So it's not surprising that many vacationers struggle to decide where to go on the North Sea. All the beaches have a unique charm there, yet some stand out in particular. Adventurers, nature lovers or peace seekers - the North Sea offers the right beach for everyone with a guarantee of a successful vacation.


Juist Beach


Juist is known as the "longest sandbank in the world". The fine sandy beach is 17 kilometers long and offers the best conditions for unforgettable beach vacations. There are beach chairs and beach volleyball courts along the beach areas directly at the island and in the loog. Water sports enthusiasts also get their perfect deal here, because the North Sea island is great for kite surfing, sailing and windsurfing. Those who like it quieter are guaranteed to find beautiful, secluded spots with a view of the unspoiled nature on the kilometer-long beach.

Nordseeheilbad Bensersiel


If you are looking for relaxing, the North Sea Heilbad Bensersiel is the right place for you. The white beach and the sound of the water provide you with guaranteed relaxation. The North Sea spa is a real dream for families: while the grown-ups can switch off in the beach chair, the little ones can have a good romp in a playground and two indoor play halls. There is also no lack of sporting activities here. Water sports and activities such as beach volleyball or soccer are offered to the beach guests in many ways.

Family Lagoon Perlebucht


The "Family Lagoon Perlebucht" was extensively modernized by the city of Büsum and is now one of the most family-friendly beaches on Schleswig-Holstein's North Sea coast. Among other things, a pier, an impressive pier square and a beautiful promenade with benches were built. Of special interest to those seeking a relaxing time with children is the family area, which offers a wide range of playground equipment. A highlight for smaller children is exploring the "Büsumer Krabbe". Playing on the approx. 250 m² climbing landscape will ensure that they never get bored. There is also plenty of water fun: during the summer months, floating bathing islands are anchored in the southern bathing pool. The islands are equipped with many play elements such as slides and jumping towers and provide fun for young and old. Ten barbecue areas, sixteen picnic seating groups and a large campfire circle with numerous benches invite you to end the evening with a cozy dinner.

Borkum Beach

Borkum beach

Borkum is considered the largest and probably the most beautiful East Frisian island. The seemingly endless beach and the fresh breeze characterize the landscape of the island pearl. No matter on which beach the free days are spent, one thing is for sure: all of them are beautiful. Although the southern beach is considered particularly idyllic and suitable for families, the other beaches of the dreamlike island are in no way inferior to the popular bathing beach. The gentle waves entice you to take a dip, while the cozy beach chairs invite you to relax on land. 

This is something you should not miss:

A special highlight is the beach sauna on the FKK beach. After each sauna session you can jump here directly into the North Sea and cool off.

St. Peter Ording

Sankt Peter-Ording

At first glance, it seems as if the popular vacation resort consists only of sand. The fine sandy beach of St. Peter-Ording stretches for twelve kilometers and invites to sunbathing, windsurfing and beach walks. Although numerous people are drawn to the beach when the weather is nice, it never seems overcrowded. St. Peter-Ording is therefore the perfect place to unwind. To the north, nudists feel particularly at home, surfers are mostly to be found in the middle, and the south is the best place to spend a vacation with the family.

Special highlight:

For wellness fans, the Dünen-Therme is the perfect place! Besides a leisure pool with pleasantly tempered seawater, it offers a sauna area and a wellness center that leaves no vacation wishes unfulfilled.

Strand am Ellenbogen List

Ellenbogen List Beach

At the northern tip, Sylt merges from west to east into a spit that looks like an angled arm. This is how the sandy peninsula got its name: Lister Ellenbogen. At the northernmost tip of Germany, nature presents a landscape that is simply overwhelming. Shaggy dune grass, blue shimmering water and seemingly endless sandy beaches - the surroundings at the North Cape on Sylt are simply breathtaking. The untouched nature makes the beach a unique place, which is considered the most beautiful with good reason.



Idyllic nature and an endless beach: this is the Kniepsand on the west coast of the North Sea island of Amrum. Strictly speaking, it doesn't count as part of the island, because the 15-kilometer-wide high sand is actually a sandbank that has grown closer and closer to the Amrum coast over the years, ultimately merging with the island's sand dunes. Because the Kniepsand is above sea level, the beach is not washed over by the North Sea even during high tide. The fine sandy shore invites for swimming as well as for beautiful walks on the beach. 

Beach of Spiekeroog


Guests of the beautiful North Sea island of Spiekeroog can look forward to about 15 kilometers of soft sandy beach, which is so wide that even in high season you can find a private spot. Cars are not allowed on the island, so noise is the only thing that a vacation here does not have to offer. While the winter months encourage contemplative walks on the beach, the summer invites you to doze in the sun with its unique beach scenery of colorful beach chairs. On the main beach there are numerous recreational activities such as beach volleyball, soccer, playgrounds and trampolines for the little ones. In addition, sports courses such as yoga, Pilates or fascia training are offered.

Activity tip:

Those who like variation should try a mudflat walk at night. Participants can admire the beauty of the island during the walk at nightfall and also learn more about Spiekeroog.

Westerland main beach


If you are not a fan of boredom and are looking for exciting things to do, you should definitely plan a visit to the main beach. The beach promenade of Sylt's main town is a wonderful place to stroll, try culinary delicacies or simply enjoy Sylt's island life in one of the many cafés. Westerland also offers many interesting events, such as the Windsurf World Cup and the Winzerfest on the promenade. Extensive walks on the beach at the tide line and time out in the adventure pool Sylter Welle complete the stay on the North Sea island. Friends of water sports also enjoy themselves. The offer is large, because the North Sea wind blows here more violently around the ears than elsewhere. Frisbee, boccia or beach volleyballs can also be rented directly on the beach.

North Sea beach Norddeich

Norddeich Strand

The breathtakingly beautiful North Sea beach Norddeich, which belongs to the city of Norden, covers eight whole hectares. Plenty of space for building sandcastles, extended beach walks or wonderfully relaxed sunbathing. Between the gently rolling dunes you can find beach chairs, numerous playground equipment for the little ones and a spacious beach volleyball court. In the high season, children's entertainment is also offered, allowing the grown-ups a little break from being parents. Dogs are very welcome here, so the four-legged friends also have a good time. The two-hectare dog beach is not far from the main beach.

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