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Reiten an der Nordsee - Nordseeglück auf Pferderücken

Trotting on horseback over wild beaches - a dream of freedom that becomes reality on a riding holiday on the North Sea coast. Riding on the beach at the North Sea: galloping through the rushing surf, the salty air in your nose, the North Sea wind at your back, you feel the wild liveliness that takes hold of you here, the light-heartedness of the moment. On horseback, the North Sea beaches seem even more magical than they already are. Behind the idyllic salt marshes, the open plain of the tidal flats widens out with a gentle slope and provides an indescribably intense experience of nature that horse lovers must have experienced.

Horse riding holidays North Sea - A dream for horse lovers

After the high season, the best time for horseback riding along the seashore begins. This is when the vast horizon unfolds over the endless coasts of the North Sea and the beautiful beaches lie untouched at your feet. Discovering the beaches of the North Sea on the back of these powerful animals is not only suitable for professional riders, but also great fun for families with children. Tame Haflingers and ponies are available for the little ones at many farms in the region. Whether on the East Frisian mainland, the Halligen or on Juist: horse lovers can experience the fantastic nature at close quarters on the North Sea.

The island of Juist - boundless freedom with 2 horsepower

The island of Juist without horses? It is impossible to imagine the island without these proud four-legged friends. The animals have been bred on the idyllic island in the Wadden Sea for over 100 years and are an integral part of the street scene on Juist. You can experience the magic of the North Sea on this little island pearl more than anywhere else, because you don't hear any traffic noise here. Cars have been almost completely banned from the island; only a very few exceptions, such as the fire brigade and paramedics, own vehicles. Anyone who translates to the island will immediately notice its peaceful silence: It is only broken by the trotting hoofbeat of an approaching horse taxi - probably the most nostalgic way to be picked up from the ferry.

And that is only the beginning of the horse adventure. If you are planning your holiday on horseback, Juist is the place to be. Several smaller family-run farms and carters' yards offer tourists first-class facilities for a successful riding holiday. Beginners are offered well-supervised riding courses with competent riding instructors: they can first familiarise themselves with the proud four-legged friends in an indoor riding arena before venturing out with them on their first ride. Children can take their first riding lessons at the age of six.

The most beautiful way to explore Juist's 17 kilometres of dream beaches is certainly on horseback. If you like, you can ride alone over the white sand, past the roaring sea. In the summer months, however, there are also daily guided beach rides in small groups on the island. Different tours are offered for beginners and advanced riders.

Less sporty, but very cosy, are the romantic carriage rides on Juist. Snuggled up in soft blankets, you can listen to the gentle patter of hooves and breathe fresh sea air while gliding through the unique natural scenery of the island. Numerous carriage companies offer individual or group rides. One of the most popular carriage rides is to the Domäne Bill, a former farm where wonderful snacks are served. Or a detour to the Hammersee lake. Nostalgics will love taking one of the historic carriages along the Juist beach during sunset. The perfect end to such a romantic evening could be a stay at Juister Romantik Hotel Achterdiek. Here you can spend the night with a view over the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. A luxurious spa area and a fine menu in the hotel's multi-award-winning restaurant will pamper your body, palate and soul.

Horse riding in Norden: The green gateway to the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site

The good news for all those who can't decide between a farm holiday and a beach holiday: In the East Frisian North, both can be combined quite wonderfully. Pretty farms, including historic Gulf farms, in the immediate vicinity of the East Frisian Wadden Sea, offer a wide range of riding and leisure activities. Riding lessons indoors or in the riding arena and extended rides along the dikes make horse lovers' hearts beat faster. A stay in Norden is also a holiday paradise for children: They have the opportunity to look after ponies, feed them and ride them out on some of the farms. Horse owners can book boarding boxes at some of the farms. If you want to do something especially good for yourself after riding, you don't have to do without luxurious comfort. In Norden there is the 4-star Superior Romantik Hotel Reichshof, which pampers guests according to all the rules of East Frisian hospitality. A special highlight there is the "Sea and Moor" wellness area, which reflects the multi-layered landscape of East Frisia. Exhausted riders can look forward to a spacious swimming pool, a varied sauna landscape, a soothing Rasul bath, a relaxation room with dune sand and many other amenities.

Horse riding on Föhr

Föhr is considered the German horse island par excellence and is also wonderfully suited for a riding holiday. With about 850 horses, almost all breeds are represented on the North Sea island. Accordingly, there is no lack of specially designed riding trails that lead through the island's graceful landscape. The ride into the mud flats is particularly noteworthy. On horseback, visitors to the North Sea can experience the beauty of the mudflats in all their glory. Many horse farms on Föhr also offer riding lessons, dressage and pony rides for younger guests.

Sylt - a paradise for riders

Sylt has an approximately 30-kilometre-long network of bridle paths ready for its holidaymakers, which is why the island offers ideal conditions for a horse holiday. The rides take place along the famous dream beaches, lead across meadows and flowering heath landscapes. The island is also home to many professionally run riding stables, for example in Wenningstedt-Braderup, Morsum, Keitum or Tinnum. Horse lovers have the opportunity to book long beach rides. Whether you are new to horse riding, a beginner or a professional - Sylt makes everyone's horse dreams come true.

Developed bridle paths in abundance

The riding season usually begins in autumn and ends at the start of the bathing season. On some North Sea beaches the season lasts longer than on others. Individual local regulations apply here, and it is essential to find out about them before planning a riding holiday. Otherwise, the region offers almost limitless riding pleasure. The bridle paths are well signposted and optimally adapted to the needs of rider and horse. They also lead along the most beautiful beaches and, for those who wish, through the charming hinterland with its green hilly landscapes, river valleys and forests. And as if that were not enough, special riding tours also offer visits to unique sights such as old churches, impressive lighthouses or mills. Numerous horse farms allow for interesting stopovers on longer tours that will delight riders big and small.

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