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Sporty on the road at the North Sea

Golf dreams come true at the North Sea. Feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, club at the perfect angle, swing and hit! While the sound of the sea can be heard in the not-too-distant distance, the golf ball shoots across the well-kept fairways of the golf courses at the North Sea. Golfing by the sea, whether on a 9-hole or 18-hole golf course, is sport in the midst of the most beautiful nature. Golfing has long since ceased to be an aloof pastime for well-heeled, older men, but is an all-round healthy sport for everyone. A golf holiday at the North Sea is an experience that neither newcomers nor professionals to the sport should miss.

Golfing with friends

Golfing - sport, recreation and relaxation

They say good games should be easy to learn but hard to master. This is completely true of golf. Golfing uses the muscles, gets the circulation going and requires quite a lot of concentration. Because of the movements involved, golf is a complex and versatile sport. There are many reasons why golf holidays have gained in popularity, especially in the far north and at the North Sea. After all, there is hardly any other region where you can hit the ball more beautifully than the North Sea. The golf courses are as varied as the North German landscape itself. But they all have one thing in common: they nestle naturally into the picturesque surroundings.

Golf training

400 muscles for one golf swing

Golf is much more than a leisurely stroll across beautiful green spaces. For example, a single golf swing uses up to 400 muscles. The torso, shoulders and arms are particularly stressed. On an 18-hole round, which lasts four hours on average, the golfer burns up to 1200 calories. This is equivalent to two hours of tennis or at least one hour of long-distance running. Golf is therefore a sport that demands maximum physical effort from its players, which has numerous positive effects on health. For example, it stimulates the circulation. Due to the constant movement and the equipment carried, a pulse rate of up to 150 beats per minute is not uncommon. It is no wonder that golf is often prescribed for the rehabilitation of cardiovascular problems. It also improves coordination and concentration. Last but not least, the important eye-hand coordination is also promoted, which brings many advantages, especially for everyday situations.


Golfing at the North Sea - The best medicine for a healthy mind

A match is 90 per cent decided in the mind. Ever since the former tennis pro Boris Becker uttered this legendary sentence, everyone knows that in addition to a good physical condition, a healthy mental constitution is necessary to achieve the best performance. If emotional stability is lacking, golf becomes an insurmountable obstacle. In such a challenge, it is important to maintain focus, eliminate distracting factors and stay concentrated on golf. The sporting demand on the player's concentration is therefore immense. Everyday worries are magically displaced, the mind relaxes and refuels with new energy. It is often said that golf is the "innermost" of all sports. Last but not least, the incomparable landscape of the North Sea coast makes an important contribution to mentally clearing out everyday stress.

Golf clubs on the North Sea coast - the nicest way to switch off

Golf holidays along the North Sea are becoming increasingly popular. Many golf courses are operated both on the coast in Schleswig-Holstein and on the Lower Saxony side. According to GOLFmagazin, as many as four of the eleven golf courses that rank among the 50 best courses in Germany are located on the North Sea. These include the Budersand Golf Club, the Gut Apeldör Golf Club, the Föhr Golf Club and the beautiful Marine Golf Club on Sylt. On the North Sea islands of Sylt and Föhr, golfers play directly in the dunes or behind the dyke. But there are also stunningly beautiful golf courses right by the sea on the mainland, for example in St. Peter-Ording and Büsum. 

Tips for beginners:

The golf courses in the hinterland are relatively flat and offer wide fairways. A decisive advantage: the wind is usually much weaker than directly on the North Sea.

Bad Zwischenahn

The golf club by the sea - in the midst of beautiful landscaped parks

The Golfclub am Meer in Bad Zwischenahn is not located directly on the North Sea, but it leads through the tranquil parkland of Ammerland and offers an exquisite 18-hole championship course. The club also boasts a public 3-hole short course, a covered driving range with floodlights and generous putting and chipping areas. In addition, it offers golf beginners without a course permit the best training opportunities.

Water castle Bad Bederkesa

The Golf Club Gut Hainmühlen e.V. in Geestland

The Golfclub Gut Hainmühlen e.V. is located in the middle of the beautiful Geest landscape in the climatic health resort of Bad Bederkesa, only a short drive from Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven. Due to the unusual ground relief with nine holes in a meadow bottom and nine holes on hilly geest ridges, the course is varied and interesting for players of all levels.

Golfclub Wilhelmshaven-Friesland e. V. - the course for professionals

Those who like it typically Frisian will feel very much at home at the Golfclub Wilhelmshaven-Friesland e. V.. The 18-hole course is a real challenge due to the numerous bunkers and water hazards on long greens. Experienced golfers will feel right at home here.

Castle Lütetsburg

Golf course castle Lütetsburg - Romance included

The Lütetsburg Castle golf course is located very close to Norddeich. The impressive moated castle from the 16th century offers beginners and professionals alike plenty of golfing fun with two 9-hole golf courses and a spacious driving range. The two 9-hole courses can be played separately or in combination.

Golf-Club Föhr e.V. - the third oldest golf club in Schleswig-Holstein

One of the oldest golf clubs in Schleswig-Holstein can be found on the beautiful North Sea island of Föhr. The islanders have been passionately devoted to golf since as early as 1925. The course is correspondingly sophisticated. The 3 x 9-hole course of the traditional club offers doglegs, green and fairway bunkers, terraced greens and numerous water hazards. A tasteful clubhouse rounds off the North Sea holiday at Golf-Club Föhr e.V. once again. In short: a golf course that leaves nothing to be desired.


Marine-Golf-Club Sylt e.G. - Golfing on the Queen of the North Sea Islands

On the queen of the North Sea islands, the Marine-Golf-Club Sylt e.G. makes every golfer's heart beat faster. On the one hand, this is due to the wonderful dune and heath landscape in which the club is gently embedded. On the other hand, it is the design of the course. None other than the Scottish golf course architect Kenneth J. Moody was at work on the 80-hectare course. He created 18 holes at 6300 metres, 77 predominantly deep bunkers and fast, undulating greens. A feast for every professional, but beginners also enjoy picking up a club in this paradisiacal landscape.

Golfclub nature

Golf-Club Sylt e.V. - varied golf landscape

The Golf Club Sylt e.V. is versatile. On its 18-hole and 9-hole course, it offers a wide variety of playing options that challenge professionals and introduce beginners to the game with ease. The golfer is guided along well thought-out water hazards, natural rough and numerous bunkers. The player can always decide for himself how challenging the golfing experience should be. The course also has a modern driving range, spacious practice areas and a tastefully designed clubhouse where you can relax after a game.


Golf Club Gut Apeldör - Golfing between the North Sea and the Eider

The 27-hole golf course of Golf Club Gut Apeldör could not be more beautifully situated. The club's two challenging courses have been harmoniously integrated into the typical Geest and Knick landscape between the North Sea and the Eider. The Golf Club Gut Apeldör is also characterised by strongly undulating greens. The undulating courses present a sporting challenge due to numerous water hazards that are not easy to overcome.

St. Peter Ording

North Sea-Golfclub St. Peter-Ording - Germany's first west coast golf course

Guests of the Nordsee-Golfclub St. Peter-Ording e.V. can look forward not only to exciting golfing experiences, but also to the impressive landscape of the Eiderstedt peninsula. The golf course stretches along the National Park border with views of the sandbanks and the wide sea. The North Sea Golf Club is one of the few links courses in Germany, as known from Ireland and Scotland. Four of the nine holes lie parallel to the sea dyke, some of the tees even directly on the dune tops.

Husumer bay

The Golf Club Husumer Bucht e.V. on the coast of Schleswig-Holstein

The Golf Club Husumer Bucht e. V. on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein requires some prior knowledge. Despite the almost level green, the well thought-out course design prevents an easy game. Professionals are guaranteed to enjoy their golf.

Golfclub Hof Berg - Guarantee for a successful golf holiday

Whether already a professional or an ambitious recreational golfer - at the beautifully located Hof Berg Golf Club, every player will find his or her challenge. Idyllically situated between the North Sea island of Sylt and the fjord town of Flensburg, the club offers 18 holes through flat terrain interspersed with natural ditches, ponds and biotopes. On the way to the interestingly modelled greens, 28 well-placed bunkers force the player to be precise. A guarantee for the best golfing holidays.


Golfclub Büsum Dithmarschen - Golfing in the middle of the mudflats

It would be hard to play in a more beautiful setting. The Büsum Dithmarschen Golf Club is located in the middle of the former Wadden Sea landscape and is partly still below sea level. It is not uncommon for the wind to blow gustily around the nose, making the otherwise flat golf course difficult to play. A challenge, however, that golf lovers are happy to take on. Close to the golf course, the Warwerort beach invites you to swim and relax after the game.


Golfclub Budersand Sylt - many awards, highly praised

Bunkers, sand and wind as far as the eye can see: the Budersand Sylt Golf Club is the golf links course par excellence. The course is the only one in Germany that was designed true to the Scottish style. The 18 holes of this outstandingly beautiful course have been integrated naturally into the dune landscape and are spread over the entire 73-hectare area. Advanced golfers in particular will experience pure golfing pleasure here. The demanding course with its undulating fairways and over 90 top bunkers is a real challenge. The Budersand Golf Club has received two awards, and not without reason. It landed in second place among the 50 best golf courses in Germany both times. Furthermore, it was ranked 22nd in Golf World Magazine's UK ranking of the 100 Top Courses in Continental Europe.

Golfclub at Donner Kleve - a golf course with attention to detail

The fairways of the Golfclub at Donner Kleve lead through green, barely undulating countryside and have been designed with a fine eye for detail. The Kleve Course features 18 ingenious holes on sandy, naturally undulating dune soil and is playable all year round. The offer is complemented by the public 9-hole Schramm Group Hopen Course as well as exemplary practice facilities. The high standards of maintenance and quality have made the Golfclub at Donner Kleve one of the most popular in the entire area.

Golfing for beginners

Open County Golf Course - a paradise for golf beginners

Beginners welcome: The 9-hole Open golf course is especially suitable for beginners, as it can be played without prior knowledge. So if you are planning a company party or would like to spend a few relaxing days with your golfing group in beautiful natural surroundings, the Open County golf course is the perfect choice. Taster courses are also offered here to accompany the first steps in golf. The club is happy to provide all the necessary golf equipment.

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