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Hotels by the North Sea

Room with (sea) view

Feel the sand between your toes, on the horizon the blue of the sky mixes with that of the sea. The wind ruffles your hair and sheep graze on the dunes. That is a holiday on the North Sea. In the hotel, grog and tea or a cool pilsner and specialities straight from the sea are waiting: plaice fresh from the cutter, crabs, which strictly speaking are actually prawns, and especially in Belgium also mussels.
The North Sea coast between France and Germany's northernmost island, Sylt, is unique in the world. The Wadden Sea, where the water almost completely disappears at low tide, has a special charm. Walking from the hotel into the North Sea, here it is possible on dry feet.

Hospitality in a North Sea hotel

The North Germans are said to have a certain gnarliness when dealing with strangers. At the hotel on the North Sea, there is hardly any sign of this. Rough, but cordial and always turned towards the holidaymaker: This is how visitors experience their hosts in the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants on the coast.

Hotel on the North Sea: relaxation with tradition

The North Sea resorts in France, Belgium and the Netherlands also have a long tradition of tourism. De Haan in Belgium is famous for its Belle Époque architecture and its stately villas - many of which are used as hotels today. North Sea light can be found in the Netherlands, for example in Veere. There, the rough sea was cut off with dikes to gain land. What remains are inland seas. Wherever you want to spend your holiday on the North Sea: You can book the right Romantik Hotel & Restaurant with that extra sea view right here.

Romantik Hotel Reichshof

Romantik Hotel Achterdiek

Romantik Hotel Bösehof

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