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Burgdorf - A historic small town with Charme

As the gateway to the idyllic Emmental, Burgdorf welcomes you not far from Bern with a picturesque old town and exciting sights. Surrounded by the charming hilly landscape and imposing rock formations, a charming small town awaits you in the heart of the Swiss Mittelland.


Historic Burgdorf has much to offer. The old town centre around Kronenplatz and the Kornhaus quarter are particularly impressive, with magnificent patrician houses in late baroque style as well as classical buildings. The historic ambience invites you to stroll and wander. In the middle of the old town you will find a cultural highlight: the late Gothic town church from the 15th century. The late Gothic choir screen, which took eleven stonemasons about two years to build, was modelled on the Bern Cathedral.


Burgdorf's landmark, the 800-year-old Burgdorf Castle, towers above the town on a mighty rock massif. The Zähringer complex is a unique architectural monument and is one of the best-preserved complexes of its kind. Around 1200, the last Zähringer, Duke Berchtold V, had the castle rebuilt and it took on its present form including a residential tower, keep and hall. Today there are also several museums in the castle, which provide in-depth insights into times long past.


The castle museum looks in detail at the history of the town as well as the castle. It also focuses on the history and culture of the Emmental and the Bern region. The Helvetic Gold Museum is also represented in the castle and provides insights into the history of gold mining as well as gold panning. Burgdorf's museum landscape is completed by the Museum of Ethnology, which takes visitors to far-flung regions of the world and presents remarkable objects from Africa, Oceania, ancient Egypt and America.


The Romantik Hotel Bären in Dürrenroth is only about 13 km away and very close to Burgdorf. After your city trip, you can relax here in a large wellness area with sauna. The Romantik Hotel Sternen in Kriegstetten is also the perfect starting point to explore the town of Burgdorf in the beautiful Emmental. 

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