Romantik Hotels - Belgien

Romantik Hotels - Belgium

Belgium: Hotels for high standards

One of Europe’s most exciting holiday destinations may be right on your doorstep: Belgium. With its geographic position right between the North Sea, France and the Netherlands, it offers a wonderful variety of seaside and mountainous regions, provincial idyll and tumultuous, multilingual cities in a rather confined space. For example Antwerp, home to the fashion avant-garde, or Bruges which has been a magnet for tourists even before the box office hit “In Bruges”. All around the country, hotels in Belgium offer perfect service, extensive comfort and an individual character – the ideal basis if you want to explore the Flanders characterized by Dutch influences, the francophone Wallonia or experience the capital Brussels in all its facets. Book your romance hotel & restaurant in Belgium right here.

Hotels in Belgium: Hospitality and culinary specialities

You are curious about the country of Belgium? Our hotels in Belgium are very intimate and the hosts know more about country, people and culture than anyone else. Therefore, you get your inside tips at first hand and after you gained an extensive insight into Belgium’s nature and into the different cultures of the bilingual kingdom, you will be spoiled rotten with culinary delights: The restaurants in our Belgian hotels offer high-quality regional specialities. In the north, they like to serve food that is good and solid, whereas the Southern menu is inspired by the cuisine of its big brother France and Brussels, home of the European Parliament, is the capital of the exquisite cuisine.

Diverse country – Diverse hotels

Holidays in Belgium also offer an intense experience of nature: surfing and sailing, swimming and sunbathing on the lovely beaches of the North Sea, going off on your own through the country by bike, experiencing the rugged beauties of the Ardennes by kayak or on Shanks's pony. You will always find the perfect place to stay in Belgium’s romantic hotels & restaurants.

Longer journey or short trip: Book your hotel in Belgium here!

A trip to Belgium is definitely worthwhile, even if you have only a little time on your hands: A short trip to Belgium is ideal if you are looking for a bit of relaxation and you need a break from your hectic daily routine or if you fell in love with the country’s charm and its diversity. Whether it’s holidays or some time out, a short trip or city trip – book your hotel in Belgium right here!

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