Breathtaking landscapes and an unparalleled biodiversity await you around the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants inviting you to go hiking extensively. Experience impressive mountain landscapes in the Alps and low mountain ranges or explore vast landscapes!

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Alpine hike

The Alps are the destination for a perfect hiking vacation. Stunning mountain constellations, such as the Dolomites in South Tyrol and the Matterhorn in Switzerland, provide the perfect alpine panorama. Discover breathtaking hiking routes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol and actively experience nature at its best.

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Low mountain ranges

The splendid Alps is not the only ideal place for extensive hiking tours. In the most beautiful regions of Europe, you can expect fascinating low mountain ranges, such as the Harz or the Sauerland, extensive landscapes and fantastic hiking trails along lakes and rivers. Experience a unique hiking vacation with Romantik and enjoy the diversity of nature.

Breathe easy in Sauerland

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Resting instead of racing - that's the motto on the oldest and perhaps most beautiful wine road in Styria. Running for over 25 kilometers from Ehrenhausen to Leutschach, it nestles up against gentle vineyards and leads over numerous hills with ever new, fascinating views. Enjoy the magnificent nature during an extensive hike!

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Experience pure nature Put on your hiking boots to discover mountains, coastline, woods & wide plains!

Hiking Tip:

The Rothaarsteig - the path of the senses - satisfies the desire for comfort over 154 kilometers and, as part of the Top Trails of Germany cooperation, offers maximum hiking experience with fantastic views. From the heights of the Rothaargebirge, the view sweeps over valleys and mountain ranges, which gives the region partly gentle, partly dramatic contours and virtually invites you to actively experience nature and people, history and gastronomic traditions of this cultural region.

Along the way you will find a total of 11 springs, the Bruchhauser stones, the suspension bridge at Kühude, the forest sculpture path, the Kyrill path in Schanze, the natural monument "Luka oak" as well as the towns of Brilon, Winterberg and Dillenburg.

Ideas for numerous circular hiking trails on the Rothaarsteig can be found here.

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Pure nature

Leisure time, vacation, travel time - for more and more people there is one thing that is an integral part of it: Activity in the great outdoors. They enjoy the sun, wind and weather on an active trip and not only discover their surroundings in a fresh way, but also themselves. It' s great to be outside running, or climbing, time for activities in nature - it feels like freedom without end.



Immer mehr Ferienregionen bieten neben Abfahrts- und Langlaufski auch Schneeschuhwandern an. Auf einem vielseitigen Netz an Wanderwegen, Bergwegen und abgeschiedenen Pfaden können Winterwanderer mit Schneeschuhen in tief verschneite Winterlandschaften vordringen und einsame Wälder entdecken.

Die 10 schönsten Schneeschuhtouren in Deutschland, Österreich, Südtirol und der Schweiz


Hiking boots with good, suitable profile and of course a hiking map are the most important part of the kit. Especially in summer, however, sunglasses, a cap, sunscreen, a rain jacket and a first aid kit and, above all, enough drinking water should also be in your luggage.

There are many different ways to find out about hiking routes. The hiking guides from Rother Verlag or J. Berg Verlag as well as apps such as Outdooractive or Komoot offer good help. The colleagues at the reception desk in the Romantik hotels will be happy to give you personal recommendations.

Many Romantik hotels offer maps for the hiking trails at the reception are and will be happy to give you personal tips for an eventful hike.

You can go hiking at any time of the year. For an active vacation in Romantik hotels, the best time to travel is between April/May and September/October, depending on the destination, when the weather is most stable and pleasant temperatures tempt you outdoors.

Would you like to go hiking in the winter months? Try snowshoeing in our Romantik hotels in Switzerland and Austria.

You can insure your hotel booking directly through our partner HanseMerkur Versicherung during the booking process. For coverage during the hike itself, please contact your insurance agent.