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Enjoy the sophisticated lake-side metropolis at a hotel in Zurich

This city - this lake! Many European metropolises are characterised by their location on a body of water. But with its lake, Zurich occupies a top position. From many angles, especially from the surrounding mountain ranges of Uetliberg and Zürichberg, the water surface breaks up the panorama in an extremely appealing way. No wonder one of the banks is called "Bellevue" - beautiful view. And it can reach all the way to the Alps, across glittering water, sailing boats and impressive buildings. Book a romantic hotel in Zurich and enjoy the fantastic views of the lake and the city!
The Swiss banking and insurance metropolis has two extremely attractive quarters to stroll through, the medieval Old Town and the bourgeois inner-city districts around Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse, which were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Did you know that 37 percent of the city's area consists of forest and agricultural land? There is a good reason why Zurich is one of the top cities in the world for quality of life.

Your hotel in Zürich: Book comfort and quality of life

Zurich's hotels are perfectly attuned to their guests, and the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants are particularly idyllic places to stay. In the smaller owner-managed establishments, you will not only enjoy the high standards of cultivated Swiss hotel culture - your host in your hotel in Zurich is also the ideal guide if you want to explore Zurich from the hotel. What should you look at? Where can you find the tourist attractions, where the "real Zurich"? Where can you enjoy regional specialities and good wines? Your hotelier will give you the appropriate tips.

Explore Zurich from your hotel: Old town, mountains, well-being

Let's go, the city is waiting for you. A walk from your hotel in Zurich to the lakeside is a must, as is a stroll through the medieval old town, the historic core of today's city. In the district around Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse, you will dive deep into classic Zurich as the location of "white industry", i.e. banks and insurance companies - mostly located in buildings that are well worth seeing. In the past century, the city has pushed far up into the surrounding mountains. The best place to see this is from the observation tower on the Uetliberg - there, with its overwhelming panoramas, Zurich is all yours!

And in the evening? Your host will recommend Langstrasse, where many restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs have settled. But perhaps you don't want to leave your romantic hotel in Zurich again, but prefer to go to the ambitious in-house restaurant and then relax in your comfortable room, over a chat at the hotel bar or a glass of wine. After all, you want to be fit to explore and experience Zurich the next day. Book your Romantik Hotel & Restaurant for your stay in the metropolis on Lake Zurich right now.

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