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Massages to feel good

Does a good massage have to hurt?
It can! But it doesn't have to, it all depends on the wishes of the guest. Many guests want to feel something afterwards.

How can you recognise a good massage?
Whether it is strong or gentle, what is good is what feels good. Empathy during the massage is one of the most important factors. The guest should feel good.

Why are massages so good for the body?
Touch and skin contact are a human need. A massage can relax the muscles, relieve pain and release emotional blockages. This combination is pure bliss for body and soul.

What exactly happens during a massage?
Passive muscles can be stimulated by massage, tense ones loosened. Blood circulation is stimulated, which supports the metabolism in the muscle. In the relaxed tone of the muscles, a much better supply of nutrients can be made possible than in a tense muscle.

Is it possible to massage preventively to avoid pain?
Loosening muscles and fascia can prevent tension. However, exercise, a healthy diet and dealing with stress are just as important.

What effect do massages have on well-being?
Massages can be a very emotional experience. Many people feel accepted and taken care of. It is an enormous mental relaxation in which you can completely let go.

Quite relaxed

Stay fit and elastic with these stretching exercises.

Relieves the neck
Stand up straight and pull your left hand down behind your back with your right hand. Now tilt your head to the right towards your shoulder and hold this position. You will feel a relieving stretch in your neck. Then repeat the whole thing with the left side.

Good for the thighs
From a straight standing position, bend your upper body horizontally forward so that it is at right angles to your legs. Place your hands folded behind your back at the level of your hips. Now take your right leg backwards and bring it around behind your left leg. Now stretch the knees through, stretching the hamstring muscles in the right leg.

Strengthen the back
From a straight standing position, bend forward with the legs slightly bent and rest the upper body on the thighs. Grasp the back of the knees with the arms. Now slowly straighten the knees. This exercise stretches the lower back.

Stretch the Centre
Stand up straight and cross your legs. Now bring the arms up and pull the right hand with the left far to the left, the upper body bending far to the left. Slowly push the hips to the right side. This exercise stretches the entire right side of the torso.

Loose from the hips
Bend the legs slightly and rest the left leg on the right knee. Round the upper body slightly. Now gently push the left knee out and down. This exercise stretches the back hip muscles of the left side of the body.

On the knees
Kneel on the floor with your upper body upright. Now place your left leg bent in front of you and place your hands on it. Slowly tilt the upper body forward and press the hips forward downwards. This stretches the front hip muscles of the right side.

Leg work gives strength
While standing straight, bend one leg backwards and pull it up towards the buttocks with your hand. Push the pelvis slightly forward. For a more comfortable stance, you can lean on a chair or table in front. This exercise stretches the thigh muscles.

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