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Getaway in Saxon Switzerland

Holiday at a natural wonder

Sometime in the distant past, giants once bowled here - their forgotten cones then weathered away and have since left their mark on one of the most impressive corners of our country. Indeed: the tall, slender formations of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, washed out of the East Saxon sandstone plateau by the Elbe and other smaller rivers, are breathtakingly beautiful - understandably so that they attract travellers in large numbers in summer and winter. Only a number of the steeply rising cones - called stones - may be climbed, but there are also easily accessible stairs, staircases and other secured ascents for non-alpinists to access the area.

Besides its bizarre rocky landscape protected as a national park - which offers great challenges for hikers and climbers everywhere - Saxon Switzerland has much more to offer, from Pirna and Bad Schandau to numerous small towns and villages, sights such as Europe's largest mountain fortress, the Königstein fortress or the electric Kirnitzschtalbahn railway founded well over 100 years ago, plus regional culture, culinary specialities and the never-boring spectacle of shipping on the gently but powerfully flowing Elbe. What's more, Dresden is only a stone's throw away.

Relax and enjoy - book your hotel here

If you want to explore the stone wonder of nature and experience it with all your senses, you should allow yourself enough time - and choose a suitable location in a hotel in Saxon Switzerland. Perhaps in one of the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants - these often family-run small establishments have a lot of personality, offer first-class service and ambitious gastronomy. It's great to retire to a cosy room after a day of outdoor activities and later have a bite to eat in the hotel's restaurant. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxing evening with a glass of wine from the region or conversations at the hotel bar.

Basically, the host in your hotel in Saxon Switzerland is also an excellent source of information. He knows which rocks here in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains are likely to be the right ones for your personal climbing ambitions, where there are tours to the natural beauties and where you can experience the regional culture. Only if you ask him for a restaurant tip will two hearts beat in his chest - of course he would have to recommend his own cuisine, where Sauerbraten, dumplings or Leipziger Allerlei are likely to be the standards. But he will certainly also be able to tell you about one or two local inns or award-winning restaurants.

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Climb and watch

No matter how motivated you are or how keen you are to climb: Saxon Switzerland also offers a wonderful visual spectrum of rocks, scenic expanses and - at early or late hours - beautiful skies above stones and rock plateaus. Sometimes, in view of the mighty formations, one imagines oneself in the southwest of the USA or close to the table mountains of Venezuela. And maybe you'll even try out boofing, the popular outdoor overnight stay under overhanging rocks. Ask at your hotel in Saxon Switzerland where you can best enjoy this new experience. But you will certainly appreciate the comfort of a bed in your hotel in Saxon Switzerland afterwards.

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