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Fitness without a studio

People meet wherever there is space. Green spaces, playgrounds, meadows, even open spaces in the middle of the city. Instead of working out under artificial lights on expensive equipment, people prefer to train in a real park. In the open air, without expensive equipment. Your own body and the natural environment are used as sports equipment. Every park bench, every tree, every railing, every climbing pole can be converted into fitness equipment. Pull-ups on the high bar, stretching exercises on the wall, tricep training on mossy tree trunks - there are no limits to creativity in this growing outdoor trend.

Why is outdoor sport finding so many fans?

  1. It's uncomplicated, everyone can get started immediately without any financial investment. Alone or in a group. No special equipment is necessary, normal sports shoes and training clothes are enough. Membership of a gym with its often dauntingly long contract periods and high monthly fees is not necessary.
  2. In addition to the enthusiasm for sports in the fresh air, the sense of community is important to many outdoor fans.
    feeling is important. Training with others is motivating and disciplines them - if the group is waiting, they will continue to train at the agreed time in a familiar place, even if it is raining or stormy. And it is easier to be observed and commented on by spectators in public parks during sit-ups or squats when you are in a group. Often, real friendships develop that go beyond the shared sport.
  3. Feeling good with others and having fun with exercise are more important than the often monotonous and lonely struggle with fitness equipment. Instead of the bench press, I can also strengthen my arm muscles with push-ups or pull-ups. And all this in the most beautiful gym in the world - the great outdoors.
Fitness in the group


Training with professionals
In addition to individuals or groups that have found each other, for example via the internet (see below), there are also outdoor fitness clubs with professional trainers. Because there are no costs for rooms and equipment, the monthly fees are significantly lower than those of fitness studios. Under supervision, endurance, strength and coordination training takes place outside in a group. As with the indoor offers, there are courses with different focuses and levels of difficulty.

Boot camps for group dynamics
If you want to work out a little harder, you can trim your body in fitness boot camps. The typical scene here: the trainer gives loud commands, the participants lie in the grass in front of him, torture themselves in the same rhythm through the last seconds of the push-up. Then it's straight on to jogging, of course with a little sprint in between from the smiling trainer, who also likes to use the whistle. These offers are primarily aimed at sports fans who need the momentum of group dynamics. The model for such military-style training programmes were the famous boot camps in which soldiers of the US Navy were made fit. For those who like to be shouted at by a screen: The ex-karate world champion Billy Blanks has produced a worldwide hit to follow with "Billy's Bootcamp" (runs on YouTube, DVDs at Amazon), which promises fitness like a marine (more info at taebo.com). In England, ex-soldier Robin Cop drills participants with his "British Military Fitness" programme, which also involves donning combat fatigues. The London-based company is up and running, and the former major has since expanded his company to a fitness empire all over the island.

Outdoor sport scientifically studied
In 2011, the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry conducted the first large-scale study on the positive effects of outdoor sports.  The unanimous result: outdoor training has a positive effect on the psyche. The interviewed test persons reported a higher degree of vitalisation after outdoor training, stress reduction, less anger in everyday life, more self-confidence and a higher mental feeling of freedom.

For whom is open-air sport suitable?
Basically for everyone: For beginners and advanced, for everyone who wants to exercise outdoors. It doesn't have to be a boot camp. It's better to test your own demands and limits without stress and pressure to perform. Pull-ups on the high bar, squats, push-ups - only then decide what makes sense: a casual, free group or joining a club?

How do I find my fitness community?
If you are looking for a connection to an outdoor fitness group, you will quickly find it on the internet. On platforms like "Meetup" or "Groops" you can meet like-minded people and join a group. Contact via Facebook is also uncomplicated. Simply enter your city and a keyword in the search field, and groups and activities will be offered for the 2019 fitness trend - outdoor sports.



They are effective and can be done almost anywhere! Pull-ups strengthen the entire upper body and train the back, shoulder, chest and arm muscles at the same time.




More than half of the entire body muscle mass is used when performing squats. Especially the muscles of the thighs are trained.




One of the most effective full-body exercises. Chest, shoulder, back, torso - push-ups strengthen almost every muscle in the body.

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