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The mountain peaks covered by glaciers in the Tauferer Ahrntal valley, the varied landscapes of the Vinschgau valley with its alpine meadows, lakes, hiking trails and impressive peaks such as the 3,905-metre-high Ortler, the sophisticated core area with the Mediterranean metropolis of Merano and the green Pustertal valley: hardly any other region offers such a variety of natural experiences as South Tyrol. Italy's northernmost province can be experienced in a particularly impressive way when you spend your South Tyrol holiday in a mountain hotel - with the Alps right on your doorstep. The north of Italy, situated on the southern side of the Alps, is made for holidays close to nature - and is not only a natural paradise, but also a cultural landscape that has grown over thousands of years, where winegrowing is just as much at home as alpine farming. And your mountain hotel in South Tyrol is right in the middle of it all.

A region for connoisseurs

Indulgence is a top priority in South Tyrol: The cuisine of the mountain hotels in South Tyrol combines Alpine traditions with Mediterranean influences. The menu includes dumplings and carpaccio, country roast and pasta. In South Tyrol, many mountain hotels focus primarily on local products, some of which they even produce themselves, such as ham, bacon, cheese, herbs and fruit from the surrounding plantations. The chefs preserve old recipes and refine them with the means of modern cuisine. And the hoteliers entertain their guests not only with culinary delicacies, but also with the decades of experience of a family-run traditional house - with first-class service and a wide range of leisure activities. Dive into the wellness oasis of your hotel, let yourself be pampered in the beauty department or simply take a seat at the bar with candlelight and a noble brandy from the region.

Explore South Tyrol from a mountain hotel

A mountain hotel in South Tyrol is the perfect starting point for excursions, hikes, bike tours and, of course, winter sports activities in winter. In South Tyrol, many mountain hotels are located directly on the ski slope, so after a hearty breakfast you can head straight for the slopes. South Tyrol is in season all year round. Autumn is mild, spring warm - the favourable, Mediterranean climate makes it possible. While down in the valley you can already enjoy wonderful hikes in March, the peaks and slopes of the high alpine ski areas are still covered in deep snow. Carve down the slopes in the morning and stroll through subtropical parks in the afternoon, just an hour's drive away. This is something you can only find in this very special region of Italy. Book your Romantik Hotel & Restaurant in the mountains of South Tyrol now!

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