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Singing bowls and their effect

Healing with vibrations and sounds, coming to rest, recharging one's batteries - this knowledge is ancient, it was already used around 5,000 years ago in India and Tibet. To find a holistic access to the human being with singing bowls, to touch body and soul, to provide harmony and health there, this was firmly believed in those days!

This traditional knowledge has gained importance again in recent years and is increasingly offered in wellness treatments.

Experts describe the effect with a simple image: It works like a stone falling into a pond. It creates concentric waves that reach the shore. This movement captures every single water molecule. It is similar with the human body, which consists of about 80 percent water. The vibrations of the sound massage set it in gentle motion, the body is practically massaged internally.

Swinging on the sound couch

The healing effect of sounds on people was also researched in ancient Greece. Based on the findings of Pythagoras (musicologist and physician), the monochord was developed - the forerunner of today's sound couch. This is a resonance body made of wood, which is strung with several strings under the lying surface. In this application, the guest lies on the sound couch while the therapist makes the strings vibrate by striking them. The vibrations triggered by this are transmitted to the entire body and reach every single cell. This form of sound therapy can also detect disharmonies, release tension and promote harmony and well-being.

Massage with singing bowls

During the massage, various singing bowls are placed on the guest while lying down and made to sound. These fine vibrations create a pleasant feeling of relaxation and intense body awareness. Sounds can touch deeply and trigger reactions that are surprising and at the same time liberating.

They evoke deep emotions, can make us laugh or cry.

In this state, physical and mental blockages can be released. A feeling of letting go arises, all tension falls away. The muscles are relaxed, the sound waves have a calming effect on breathing, heart and nervous system.

Neurobiologists assume that sounds that are perceived as harmonious stimulate the cells positively. They touch people on a deep, harmonious level, leading them into a quiet space where they can relax and gather new strength - completely in harmony with themselves.

Hotels that offer singing bowl massages:

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