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Tips for handling stress

When things get stressful, the body reacts immediately. You tense up, lose concentration or get a headache. With these five tips you can counteract the tension and relax heavenly in a short time.

Barefoot to relax

Shoes off!

Barefoot walking seems almost too simple and too commonplace to be considered relaxation teaching - but it has exactly that effect! Because what you feel with your feet is very far away from your head and forms the necessary counterbalance to feel again from the centre of your body. Helps to overcome inner tensions and relieve stress.

Move lips

Song on the lips

The vibration of the vocal chords when humming acts like an inner massage. It calms and even lowers blood pressure. Singing also releases the hormone oxytocin, which not only makes you feel happy but also strengthens your immune system.

Bath for relaxation

Simply dive down

There is no better retreat than the bathtub. Lying in warm water relieves tension and helps you relax and recharge your batteries. A 10- to 15-minute bath is sufficient and does not strain the circulation. Natural additives are particularly good for body and soul. For an anti-stress bath, add two drops of marjoram oil and three drops of lavender oil to the water. The essential oil has a calming and antispasmodic effect (do not use during pregnancy).


A little cooling

Cold compresses relieve pain and relax the muscles. Put a cold towel in the freezer overnight and then leave it on your back until it gets warm. The back muscles relax and there is a wonderful feeling of well-being. This application should only be done when the blood circulation is good and the body is evenly warmed.


Freshness boost in the morning

Dew walking strengthens the immune system, supports the function of the abdominal organs via the reflex zones, helps with headaches and activates the vein and calf muscle pump. Immediately after getting up, walk for two to three minutes on dewy grass with warm feet, then immediately put on socks without drying and keep moving.

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