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Holidays in Eastern Switzerland

Folk music around the hotel: Eastern Switzerland for nostalgics

Violin, cello, dulcimer and double bass: these four instruments belong in every folk music ensemble in the Appenzell region, the best-known destination for holidays in Eastern Switzerland. Musicians play for dancing at every opportunity, and even today the traditional songs and dances are frequently performed. Particularly popular is the hierig, where couples dance artfully as they get closer and closer to each other. Just come to your hotel in Eastern Switzerland for the Alpabfahrt, when in autumn the cattle are driven down from the high pastures into the valley. Then the men also gather and yodel a Ruggusseli together, as the most famous type of Swiss music is called in Appenzell. The people of eastern Switzerland have had their own genre of mocking song in their repertoire long before the triumph of rap: in their cheeky Ratzliedli they joke about everyday topics - and the chorus is yodelled.

Holidays in Eastern Switzerland with a Six-Country View

The next peak you can see from your hotel in Eastern Switzerland is the Säntis. The mountain measures a comparatively low 2,500 metres. But from the top, provided the weather is good, you can see from Switzerland to Germany, Austria, France, Liechtenstein and even Italy. On Swiss National Day, 31 July, a rock face is decorated with the world's largest Swiss flag. The 80-by-80-metre banner can still be seen from the German shore of Lake Constance. Another plus point: the summit plateau is easily accessible by cable car or on well-maintained hiking trails. The Säntis Hotel in Appenzell, which belongs to Romantik Hotels & Restaurants, also bears the mountain in its name, and Säntis Malt is the name of the whisky that a local brewery produces in disused beer barrels.

Cheese tasting in the hotel: Culinary highlights in Eastern Switzerland

The most famous local speciality of Eastern Switzerland is not a drink, however, but Appenzeller cheese. That's why you should definitely taste the cheese, which is matured for three months and treated with herbal brine, during your holiday in Eastern Switzerland. If it tastes good, we recommend a hike to one of the show dairies in the area, where you can see how the milk is turned into cheese - and all around, the cows graze on the green herb meadows. Book your hotel in Eastern Switzerland right here!

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