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On the edge of deep tranquility

What a difference - what a transformation: it's as if the world wants to take a breath here, find peace, draw strength. While nearby, in the east and north, business and industry set a fast rhythm, restless streams of traffic flow through the greater Cologne area and the Ruhr region, things are more leisurely here. In the Bergisches Land, it seems, life is decelerated: A gently rolling landscape stretches to the horizon, watercourses fill dams that flash in the sun, small roads connect idyllic villages with slate-roofed half-timbered houses. Churches, castles and palaces bear witness to the rich culture of the region, which can be wonderfully discovered from one of the many first-class hotels in the Bergisches Land.

Today, the Bergisches Land is a recreational and holiday paradise. What a transformation: the skies have long since cleared over Western Europe's oldest industrial area; the history of the countless small factories is told in the local museum. Would people 200 or even 100 years ago have ever imagined that the Bergisches Land would one day become a nature park covering more than 2000 square kilometres, with more than 3500 kilometres of hiking trails? Today, we appreciate this small-scale cultural landscape as a species-rich retreat for many endangered plants and animals that are native to the river and stream valleys. Where once ironworks or tool factories set the pace of life, today hiking, climbing, cycling, wellness, hang-gliding, water and winter sports are the order of the day. A holiday in the Bergisches Land is a very special experience.

Bergisch hospitality - easy to book

You should take your time to experience the region. The innkeepers and hotels in the Bergisches Land actively practise Bergisch hospitality and cordiality and know how to make their guests' stay a pleasant one all round. Try it out - especially fitting in one of the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants. These small hotels, often set in historically or architecturally unusual houses, are mostly run by families - this promises a very personal style, always combined with first-class service, top quality and an excellent restaurant. Book your hotel in the Bergisches Land right here!
You will certainly regret not having more time in your holiday luggage - the hosts in your hotel in the Bergisches Land can give you so many tips, so many beautiful corners are waiting to be discovered by you, and once you have tasted the culinary specialities of the Bergisches Land, you will savour your holiday in the Bergisches Land in the very literal sense.

Mountains - and yet no mountains

Immerse yourself in the regional culture and fascinating landscape of the Remscheid-Solingen-Wuppertal region, enjoy seclusion, nature and activities. And you will certainly be cleared up about a common misconception: although the Bergisches Land is geologically part of the Rhenish Slate Mountains, it does not bear its name because of its altitude (the highest point, the Unnenberg, reaches just 500 metres) - it emerged from the historical Duchy of Berg. But it fits nevertheless, because the hills and mountain ranges with their great experience potential make a holiday in the Bergisches Land particularly appealing.

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