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Favourite island: Relax on Majorca in a romantic hotel & restaurant

It is rare that you find a single island that combines so many different charms and attractions – endless sunny beaches, a glittering nightlife, breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, delicious local cuisine, friendly people... Connoisseurs of Spain know: We are talking about Majorca. Rather than the once mocked and clichéd island, however, we mean the exciting and versatile Balearic island which is popular among many travellers for a reason. Holidays on Majorca offer everything you could wish for – from parties to meditation, from action-packed adventures to relaxation. The sea, the blue sky and a lot of sunshine are part of the deal. If you want individual Majorca holidays, getting to know the magical side of Spain, you have come to the right place. Take in the unconventional character of the island on which the summer just never seems to end. Amble through the narrow streets of quaint fishermen’s villages or of enchanting little towns. Go for a stroll along small plazas and discover unique shops. Enjoy the stunning view from the mountains over the inner parts of the island and the Mediterranean Sea. One of the many assets of the island is Majorca’s hotels: Beyond the extensive tourist resorts near the beach, you can find individual hotels run with care. Finding accommodation here puts the final touches to any stay on Majorca with comfort and peace, wellness and sporting facilities – high-quality restoration included.

Your hotel in Mallorca – Pleasure, comfort, relaxation

How do you get to enjoy the real Majorca experience? Easy: in a typical Majorca hotel! Our romantic hotel & restaurant is known for its hospitality and its outstanding gastronomy – an individual image of the local way of life, situated in pristine Mediterranean countryside. It is here that you meet with the Spanish-Majorcan cordiality; here you will be treated to the delights of the regional cuisine and the wine cellars. This is the place you go to for recreation, peace and comfort and to recollect the many impressions and emotions that the island has in store for you. Book your hotel in Mallorca right here!

Experience the scenery, the culture, the nature

Whether it is long hikes through the vast landscape, whether it is getting acquainted with the rich historical traditions, whether it is the active exploration of the island by bike or taking time out on the sunlit beaches: Our Majorca hotel is perfectly adjusted to the needs of its guests. The owners will be pleased to tell you more about the specialities of the region and about the tips and tricks that grant you a great holiday. This way, your holiday on Majorca is going to be an unforgettable encounter with this diverse island. Hospitality you can book. Even if you can spare only a few days for a recreational short trip to Majorca, for intensely experiencing its nature or for taking time out on the beach: We have the right hotel in store for you. Majorca is waiting for you…

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