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Water sports at the Baltic Sea - from kitesurfing to stand up paddling


Speed through the Baltic Sea while kitesurfing? A yoga workshop on the SUP board? Or would you rather explore the mysterious corners of the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula by sea kayak? If you're into water sports, you don't have to travel far for maximum fun - because the Baltic Sea is the surfing and sailing Mecca par excellence. It is not for nothing that the region is also called the Hawaii of the North. No matter whether it's the mainland or the Baltic Sea islands: White powder-sugar beaches, crystal-clear water, wind and waves, but also sheltered spots for beginners attract families with children and professional athletes alike.

One of the best sailing areas in the world

The Baltic Sea is considered one of the best sailing areas in the world. The diverse coastal landscape with islands, hidden bays and historic harbour towns as well as good wind conditions make a sailing holiday on the Baltic Sea a real experience.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania alone offers a good 2,000 kilometres of coastline and more than 2,000 lakes with numerous sailing areas for professionals, beginners or fellow sailors. Thanks to the varied coastal landscape and good wind conditions, the Baltic Sea is an excellent area for exciting sailing trips. But even away from the big sea, recreational captains will find the best conditions to set their sails in the Mecklenburg Lake District. The Müritz is particularly popular, with a water area of 117 square kilometres, an absolute paradise for all sailing professionals and those who want to become one.

Numerous marinas and marinas with more than 25,000 berths as well as boat services, charters and sailing schools provide an excellent maritime infrastructure.

In addition to individual sailing trips, many places also offer sailing trips. From rustic, traditional sailing boats to sporty, fast catamarans and speed-sailing yachts, sailing is an active experience where everyone can lend a hand.

And sailing is also an experience on the Baltic coast in Schleswig-Holstein. In the far north, the islands of the Danish South Sea and the Schlei Baltic Sea fjord beckon. Further south, you can sail through the Bay of Kiel, along idyllic cliffs, quiet bays and kilometre-long sandy beaches. Then it's time to tack in Heiligenhafen and sail to Timmendorfer Strand and on to Lübeck and Travemünde.

Kitesurfing on the Baltic Sea

The German Baltic Sea coast is one of the most popular kitesurfing hotspots in the world. An international surfing scene meets on the beaches, professionals show off their fast-paced freestyle and best-trick skills at the Kitesurf Trophy. Advanced surfers kite far out into the Baltic Sea, gliding over the waves in strong winds and being lifted high into the air by their stunt kites. Beginners prefer the wide-open shallow water areas of the Baltic Sea, where they can calmly develop a feeling for their board and the waves.

If you want to learn kitesurfing or improve your skills, the Baltic Sea is the place to be. There are numerous surf schools on the coasts that offer courses for all levels (usually from 12 years) and the necessary equipment, i.e. kites, boards, wetsuits, helmets, harnesses and shoes. Before going into the water, there is first rehearsal on land. Only those who can safely control the kite are then allowed to plunge into the water with their board.

Kitesurfing spots on the Baltic Sea

Kitesurfing has its origins in windsurfing, but instead of a sail it is equipped with a steering kite that allows professionals to pump through the air at heights of up to 10 metres. The fastest kitesurfers travel at a speed of no less than 100 km/h. Interested people who just want to get a taste of kitesurfing can, for example, take a 4-hour course in Kiel with Björn Petersen from "Kitesurfen Kiel". Those who have then tasted blood can continue in the beginner and intermediate courses directly on site. Not only are the beaches off Kiel beautiful, but the city itself is definitely worth a detour, so the surf trip can be perfectly combined with a city break.

Pelzerhaken in the Bay of Lübeck, only a 30-minute drive from the lively holiday paradise of Timmendorfer Strand, is also a good tip for beginners: here there is a standing area that reaches up to 200 metres into the Baltic Sea - the perfect location for learning to kitesurf.

Great surfing spots for beginners and pros can be found on the Fischland Darß peninsula. Here you can choose between the protected Bodden waters with shallow standing areas and the open sea with its roaring waves. On the island of Rügen, too, the wind often blows a notch stronger than on the mainland and lets more experienced surfers sail through the air and break over the waves in a jump. Rügen is a surfing paradise for all levels - with safe spots and an amazing view of the surrounding natural beauty.

Usedom has achieved international fame as a kitespot on the Baltic Sea. The "Kitesurfmasters" are held there every year in Ahlbeck - at the festival you can admire kitesurfing professionals from all over the world. Usedom therefore has a particularly wide range of kite schools and spots. Those who want to take it easy will find a beach south of the seaside resort of Ahlbeck on the border with Poland, which can be reached on foot via a forest path (the car can be parked in the border car park). Fewer bathers linger here than on the main beaches and there is a kitesurfing school.

If kitesurfing is a touch too adventurous for you, you can of course exchange the kite for a sail. The Baltic Sea is also a great destination for windsurfers. The schools and spots mentioned above appeal equally to kitesurfers and windsurfers.

Kayak tours

If you prefer to glide through the water in a seated position, a kayak is the perfect choice. Guided tours for beginners and advanced kayakers are offered at the Baltic Sea, and they couldn't be more varied. Adventurers head out into the open Baltic Sea in a sea kayak and battle the waves. Those who prefer to take it easy can paddle through the sheltered Bodden waters and enjoy the region's gorgeous scenery. This is also a great idea for families with children who are looking for an alternative to a pure beach holiday. Particularly popular destinations for kayak tours are the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula and the island of Rügen, because here the open sea combines with calm Bodden waters. So if you want, you can work off your energy and then paddle on in a relaxed way. Both areas also offer unique natural scenery, as you pass through a beautiful national park. It is also a special experience to view the breathtaking coastal landscape of Rügen from the water perspective. In addition to the Bodden and the open sea, there is another option for a successful paddling trip: the picturesque lakes and rivers that are close to the Baltic Sea coast. A nice excursion, for example, is the tour on the Schwentine, which winds its way from Großer Eutiner See through 17 lakes until it finally reaches Kiel and flows into the Baltic Sea.

Stand Up Paddling on the Baltic Sea

SUP is a great full-body workout for young and old! On the one hand it is a wonderful relaxation, meditatively gliding over the water, completely in harmony with yourself and the environment, at the same time the deep muscles are effectively strengthened by constantly balancing the movement of the waves. Stand Up Paddling is a very popular water sport on the Baltic Sea - in Scharbeutz near Timmendorfer Strand, the SUP World Cup even takes place every year. However, it is even more fun than watching the world professionals to climb on a board yourself and paddle across the sea standing up. Most schools provide boards and wetsuits. In addition to numerous SUP courses, SUP safaris and SUP yoga are also offered. Regardless of whether you prefer it meditative in still water or turbulent on waves, the Baltic Sea waters offer the right SUP spot for every individual.

The Bodden waters on Fischland-Darß are wonderfully suited to familiarising yourself with the board with their calm Bodden waters. The island of Rügen is also the perfect place to learn SUP with its extensive shallow standing water areas. The SUP Happy Hour of the Proboarding surf school at the Baltic Sea resort of Sellin is a great way to try out the board sport. (During the summer holidays daily from 4pm to 5pm, 10 euros per participant for board and paddle). Advanced boarders can then go on real tours through the Baltic Sea and enjoy the most beautiful spots on Rügen from the sea.

For those who like to glide across the water in a dignified atmosphere, the Kaiserstrand between the Heringsdorf pier and the Ahlbeck pier is highly recommended. Here you can paddle along the beach with a unique view of the 19th and 20th century spa architecture villas. An urban feeling of nature sets in when you let yourself drift through the Kiel Fjord. Advanced paddlers can complete the 30 kilometres in six hours. Beginners can try the tour in a much shorter version on a windless day.

SUP for yoga fans

Anyone who has tried the downward-looking dog on the Baltic Sea knows how relaxing the yoga practice is amidst the gentle drift of the waves. You breathe in the fresh sea air, feel the lightness of being and gaze into the vastness of the sea that surrounds you. Afterwards you feel wonderfully relaxed and centred. At the same time, the body is strengthened and stretched - the perfect complement to kite surfing, kayaking or other water sports activities. And great fun on windless days too.

Hotel Tip:

The Romantik Hotel Fuchsbau on Timmendorfer Strand is perfect for all kinds of water sports. Work out in or on the water and make yourself comfortable right afterwards near the beach.

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