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Iphofen is a picturesque German wine-growing town in Lower Franconia, situated at the foot of the vineyard-covered mountain “Schwanberg”. The city is characterized by its century-old wine-growing tradition. It lets you experience wine with all senses, whether you attend a wine tasting, go on a vineyard walking tour or join one of the diverse guided tours to learn more about Iphofen’s history.

The Romantik Hotel Zehntkeller is located right in the historic city centre, in the previous prince-bishop's palace. The guestrooms have been furnished with all modern comforts while respecting the hotel’s historic style and the regional tradition.

At the Zehntkeller, you can also enjoy a fantastic cuisine, choosing between high-quality regional-Franconian dishes and fine sophisticated dining, awarded 14 points from Gault Millau Restaurant Guide.
The icing on the cake for any wine lover is the diversity of wines from the hotel’s own vineyard served at the restaurant. The Zehntkeller’s vineyard spans 25 hectares of land on three different locations: Julius-Echter Mountain, Kronberg and Iphöfer Kalb.

The Julius-Echter Mountain is one of the best known wine-growing locations in Germany. Located close to a forest, it is protected from frost and cold wind, giving its wine its full character. Below the Julius-Echter Mountain you can find the Kronberg with a heavy Keuper soil, producing very strong, distinctive wines. By contrast the wines from Iphöfer Kalb are very fine and elegant.

All types of Zehntkeller wine are very rich in taste, caused by a late harvest of the ripe grapes and the careful pruning.
In addition to Franconian red and white wine, the Zehnteller also produces its own sparkling wine in the traditional method.
Since 2009, the vineyard has been in the process of becoming an organic vineyard certified by “Bioland”. Thus all vintages from 2012 on provide certified organic wines.
At the hotel’s restaurant you can discover the variety of Franconian wine by sampling the different types.

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