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Venice holidays - culture and romance beyond the tourist boom

In the charismatic city of Venice, the Byzantine influences of the past combine with contemporary elements of the 21st century before the visitor's eyes. If you buy a day ticket for the waterboats, you can reach all the important witnesses of the past in one day, such as the Doge's Palace, the Rialto Bridge and of course the Grand Canal. However, you will only be able to experience the romantic flair of this lagoon city at first hand once you get away from the tourist crowds.

Art and culture in Venice

Hardly any other city can present so many museums, art and cultural treasures in such a comparatively small space. The city is criss-crossed by canals and most destinations can only be reached by boat.

Sights in Venice

Basically, there is no need to make a list of tourist attractions, because you will encounter them in every corner. There are numerous open museums and relics of the past right under the open sky.

The 5 hot spots of Venice are:

St Mark's Square with Doge's Palace and St Mark's Basilica.
Grande di San Rocco - best preserved of the 6 Venetian schools dating back to the 15th century.
Bridge of Sighs - connecting the Doge's Palace with the new island prison Guggenheim Museum
Grand Canal
For those interested in culture, a visit to the Grand Opera at Musica A Palazzo is a must. Among the pieces regularly performed here are operas by Verdi, Rossini and various excerpts from world-famous compositions. These are all the more intense in the baroque surroundings of the noble palace.

Our tip: Choose a few sights and then explore them with all your senses. Take the time to absorb the incomparable atmosphere of this floating city.

3 insider tips for your trip to Venice

Even more exciting than the well-known sights are those that are somewhat hidden away from the crowds. These include a small bookshop, a place where time has stood still and Venice's narrowest alley, which lovers in particular love to traverse.

1st insider tip: Libreria Acqua Alta

This shop is probably the most unusual bookstore you'll ever visit. It can be described as unusual at best, but more accurately as chaotic. The books are stacked on shelves, old fishing boats and stone washbasins. The way out of the shop is via a staircase at the back, built from old books.

2nd insider tip: The original Venice

In the northern part of Venice is the district of Cannaredio, where there are hardly any tourists. Instead, you can see the typical clotheslines hanging between the houses in the alleyways here. It is easy to make contact with locals in the local bars and restaurants.

3rd insider tip: The narrow alleyway

Calle Varisco is probably one of the narrowest alleys in Venice and especially recommended for couples in love, as physical contact is almost inevitable here. The alley has the feel of a deserted place and is 53cm wide at its narrowest point.

Insider travel destinations: Small islands and towns around Venice

Many travellers who want to experience Venice look for holiday offers directly in the city. But they often forget that there are numerous small islands and towns around Venice that have just as much flair and charisma, but are far less overrun with tourists.

The town of Mira

Mira is a municipality in the city of Venice where there is a lot of nature to discover. It is criss-crossed by numerous river paths. Among the sights of this historic town is Villa Foscari, a prestigious building dating from the mid-16th century. Mira is the ideal starting point for discovery tours to Venice away from the tourist crowds.

Hotel tip in Mira

The Romantik Hotel Villa Margherita is located in a picturesque meander of the Brenta River in the middle of a historic park. Guests are welcomed here at the highest level. The rooms in different categories are furnished with fine fabrics and designer furniture in Italian style. The Margerita restaurant is renowned for its fish specialities.

The island of Burano

Burano is an island with flair that has retained the original charm of a fishing village. The island is located in the northern lagoon of Venice and is still largely inhabited by fishermen and lace makers. Burano is a colourful and cheerful island with colourful houses, as painting the houses is a tradition in Burano. According to legend, this used to help fishermen see their island better from the sea when fog rolled in. The island of Burano is 0.2km², so you can reach any point within 10 minutes. The neighbouring island of Mazzorbo is connected to Burano by a wooden bridge. If you want to take home a nice souvenir of Burano, you will find numerous products made by hand from yarn and fabric.

The island of Mazzorbo

Mazzorbo is located in the southeast and is part of the original Venice from which the city as it is today developed. Its location in the middle of a lagoon is fascinating. There are still numerous old monasteries and ruins of churches from the time of the first settlement, well worth a few hours of your holiday time. On the map, the island is rectangular and has a length of 880 metres; it can thus be easily explored on foot. Mazzorbo has a lot of agricultural land, so you can enjoy typical regional and freshly cooked dishes. Artichokes are one of the island's specialities.

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