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It enchants us

Light is life. And fire is safety. The two belong inseparably together. Taming the wild fire, being able to light it yourself - for our ancestors, the evolutionary leap into a new, better world. Into a life full of warmth in an illuminated place that offered protection. Where people could gather in the glow of the flames, eat together and communicate.

This fascination has not changed much to this day. Especially when the days get shorter and darker, when the temperatures drop, the need for light and warmth grows. For crackling fires, for candlelight, for community and a glowing energy that magically attracts our gaze. It relaxes us, lets us dream, opens our souls and, in winter, replaces the invigorating sunlight to a certain extent.

Light controls the inner clock and generates life. That is why it was already revered as divine and sacred in early cultures. In ancient Egypt, for example, the sun god Aton rose to become the supreme divine being.

Light is a primordial symbol and is associated in many religions and cultures with the divine and access to higher, spiritual spheres. Every year at Christmas time, the Christmas tree shows how wonderfully light can affect our mood. Looking at the candles, stress and hecticness fall away from us, and the festive light makes us simply happy in a magical way.

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