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Switzerland - Adventures & Experiences for all Generations

Spectacular peaks and rolling hills, picturesque lakes and idyllic streams, mysterious caves and dramatic gorges. Switzerland's distinctive landscape is ideal for unforgettable family holidays - for all generations. And thanks to a colourful offer, it is also a huge playground for locals: the exciting museums and themed trails impart knowledge in a playful way. Rope parks, toboggan runs and suspension bridges provide action. Numerous exhibitions and adventure worlds promise fun and relaxation.


Gold panning on the young Rhine

The largest gold nugget in Switzerland was found here - and according to unconfirmed sources, there are more gold deposits in the upper Surselva than on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. Who hasn't dreamed of finding gold? Gold panners show interested visitors in the holiday region Disentis-Sedrun the right technique to find gold with a bit of luck. There are various courses from different providers, half-day or day excursions for families, schools and clubs, but also for individuals. 

Over the 270m long suspension bridge to Curzútt

The mountain slope above Magadinoeben invites you to a wonderful hike. In addition to the breathtaking view, the tour offers many impressive sights. The hike leads past vineyards to the village of Curzútt, which is known for its lavishly restored historic building structure. The old settlement proves that in former times most people did not live on the Magadino plain, but preferred the higher altitudes. The excursion leads to the small Romanesque church of San Bernardo with its valuable frescoes. The crossing of the 270 m long suspension bridge, one of the longest in Switzerland, promises an adrenaline kick and an impressive view. 

Charme(y) Aventures

Push your limits and have fun. The 6 courses with different levels of difficulty at a height of 2 to 25 metres are to be completed with the help of climbing belts, rope slides and lianas. The courses in the climbing park are suitable for children from the age of 7. In addition, there is a special course for children from the age of 4. Other highlights of Charme(y) Aventures are the treasure hunt, racy scooter descents, a free jump into a depth of 13 metres or the valley of the rope slides. Special adventure packages allow you to combine several activities. Charme(y) Aventures is located in the middle station of the Rapido Sky, which connects Charmey and Vounetz. The park can be reached by hiking trails or gondola lift. 

Expedition into the glacier world of the Aletsch

The Aletsch Arena offers a guided glacier expedition on the Aletsch Glacier. It takes no less than six hours to explore the glacier, which covers an area of 12,000 football pitches and is 23 kilometres long. Such a glacier is a world apart: clean air, fresh snow and sun from morning to night. In this environment and with a view of the awe-inspiring Aletsch Glacier and its enchanting landscapes, the little annoyances of everyday life are quickly forgotten. The glacier is already impressive in photos; but it is only when the viewer actually stands in front of it that he or she becomes aware of its beauty and magnificence.

A family excursion to the glacier is a bonding experience. The mountain guide who accompanies the group is very familiar with the glacier and its secrets. The expedition into the heart of the eternal ice is not a simple hike, but a real adventure in an extraordinary world of ice and snow. The expedition is for ages 6 and up - sufficient fitness for a total walking time of 6-7 hours is a prerequisite. 


The Trient Gorge was cut into the rock of the Mont Blanc massif by the torrent of the same name. The 200-metre-deep gorge is a paradise for climbers and botanists. The Trient River in the Valais has its source at the Trient Glacier in the Swiss Mont Blanc region, close to the border with France. At Vernayaz, near Martigny, the Trient forms a narrow, deep and very impressive gorge, spanned at a dizzying height by two bridges. This is also where the Mont-Blanc Express winds its way steeply up into the Trient valley towards Salvan, Les Marécottes, Le Châtelard and on to Chamonix.

The walk through the gorge does not take much longer than 20 minutes. The path is also suitable for families with small children. The front part of the gorge leads over bridges and a paved footbridge. Along the way, you get valuable information about the geology, fauna and history of the place. The end of the hike is rewarded with an impressive view of the Rhone Valley and a magnificent view of the "Pissevache" waterfall plunging 114 metres into the depths. 

A llama trek through the wilderness

On Monte Comino in the Centovalli, families get to know the animals and the unspoilt landscape of Ticino up close.
Llamas are less stubborn than donkeys and cuddlier than horses; that's why they make excellent hiking companions. In the breathtakingly beautiful landscape on Monte Comino, families can discover the countryside on foot on a half-day or full-day tour, and get closer to the llamas along the way. What's wonderful is that the animals not only relieve parents of carrying their luggage, but also motivate children to hike effortlessly. 

Soft Rafting (inflatable boat trips)

In the midst of the unique High Rhine landscape and while enjoying healthy physical activity, the stress of everyday life is forgotten in an instant. The safe raft boats ensure a peaceful paddle with family, friends or work colleagues. After everyone has been equipped with paddles and life jackets, the leisurely paddling fun can begin. The experienced boat guides, who know the area well, provide information about the various sights along the banks of the Thur and Rhine. In addition, numerous bathing and picnic areas invite you to take a break. 

Canoe experience on Lake Lucerne

Guests spend either half a day or a whole day on a tour in a sea kayak or a canoe. A competent canoe guide shows them breathtaking spots and tells mystical stories of the lake. On the day tour there is time for a picnic and a swim in the lake. 


Ebenalp and Wildkirchli

Even the Neanderthals were here. Today the aerial cableway floats over the rugged cliffs with their once inhabited caves to Ebenalp, the starting point for a variety of explorations. Wasserauen is the terminus of the Appenzell railways; coming from Gossau, a train ends here every half hour, eleven minutes to Appenzell. Then it's a steep climb up on the aerial cableway. The path then leads through the prehistoric Wildkirchli cave, inhabited around 40,000 years ago, down to the hermit's hut and the well-known Aescher mountain inn. Prehistoric stone tools were found in this area 100 years ago, proving that hunter-gatherers lived here in the Old Stone Age (45,000 - 30,000 BC). In addition to stone tools, remains of cave bears were also found. From Ebenalp uphill to Schäfler and (strenuously) on to Säntis. The views of the limestone peaks of the Alpstein, the alpine flora (alpine garden at the Ebenalp mountain inn) and the authentic Appenzell festivals in the mountain inns are all impressive. 

Toggenburg Legend Trail

The exciting hike through adventurous sagas, mystical legends and fantastic stories from Toggenburg, to be discovered on the varied high-level trail over the magnificent Alpine terrace along the Churfirsten. The trail passes ten stations where the most impressive figures of the legends are depicted on wooden panels. The figures have recesses for souvenir photos. At others you can rest comfortably and everywhere you can enjoy the legendary view. The Legend Trail can be walked in summer and winter. The circular trail starts at Alp Selamatt. More information about the trail

Maienfeld - Heidi's World

Maienfeld in the Bündner Herrschaft inspired the poet Johanna Spyri to write her novels about Heidi. In the Heidi Village, the story of the little, cheerful and nature-loving orphan girl comes to life on the original sites. The Heidi Village in Maienfeld transports visitors from all over the world to the time when the children's story was written. The Heidi Trail leads through the idyllic landscape to the Heidi House and the Heidialp, and the original Heidi souvenirs from the village shop provide fond memories. 


Marmot and ibex excursion

Where do ibex and marmots sunbathe in summer? The Albris area above Pontresina is known for its diversity of alpine animals and plants. Particularly impressive are the marmots, chamois and one of the largest ibex colonies in Switzerland. In Pontresina, families can often observe these magnificent animals from a short distance. In addition to a good view, knowledge about the habits and behaviour of our alpine animals is also gained. Approx. mid-June to early October, guided tours every Friday. Registration Pontresina Tourist Information. Meeting point at the Languard Pontresina chairlift valley station. 

Technorama - Swiss Science Center

Hands-on experience! The Technorama in Winterthur is one of the largest Science Centres in Europe and, with its unique variety of experiments, offers almost endless opportunities to experience science in a playful and educational way. Unlike in a museum, guests at a science centre are allowed to touch and play with everything. Natural phenomena want to be experienced through the senses. At over 500 experiment stations, everyone will find something to leverage, crank, observe and marvel at. In addition, there are spectacular demonstrations with electricity and gas as well as a wide range of workshops on topics in biology, chemistry and physics. 

AQUATIS: Europe's largest freshwater aquarium and vivarium

Located in the heart of Lausanne, AQUATIS is dedicated to the world's rivers and lakes and the freshwater fish and reptiles that live in them. This voyage of discovery leads across five continents with the most important freshwater ecosystems and their fauna and flora. The first floor is dedicated to Europe and especially to the Rhone, from the Valais to its confluence with the Mediterranean. On the other floor, river and lake worlds from Africa, Asia and the tropical regions of the Amazon are shown. 

Swiss Museum of Transport

Switzerland's most visited museum presents the past, present and future of mobility in a way that can be experienced and is full of variety. In addition to the museum, attractions that are unique in Switzerland, such as the Film Theatre, the Planetarium, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure and Media World, invite visitors to discover the Swiss Museum of Transport. The collection of more than 3000 objects is presented on more than 20'000 square metres of exhibition space. With its exhibition areas of road, rail, water, air and space, the Swiss Museum of Transport is one of the most comprehensive museums for mobility in Europe. The large outdoor area with water basins and play facilities is an experience in any weather. The largest and most modern planetarium in Switzerland offers a 360-degree flight to the stars, and the latest communication trends, such as virtual reality, are presented in Media World. A multimedia journey through the Swiss Chocolate Adventure shows how the famous Swiss chocolate is made from the cocoa bean. 

Welcome to the World of Victorinox

The world-famous Swiss Victorinox pocket knife has a long and exciting history. This is presented at the Swiss Knife Valley Visitor Center in Brunnen. Various highlights await visitors on a total of 365 square metres: for example, a show in the mini-cinema takes visitors to the most beautiful places in the Swiss Knife Valley. In the basement, visitors can make their own pocket knives under expert guidance by appointment. In addition, the history of the knife and the milestones of the Victorinox company are presented in an interactive exhibition. 

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