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Rediscover the classics and enjoy

Faster and faster, lighter and lighter, more and more functional - according to this formula, ever more perfect bicycles have been built that weigh little, swallow every bump, pass every test in the wind tunnel. And with the increasingly powerful e-bikes, you don't even have to pedal yourself. But it can also be modern to look back to a cycling world in which there were no super-light frames, no suspension forks, velvety smooth gears or electric motors. Rediscover and enjoy the classic. Enjoy the elegance of the design. Riding away from interchangeable mass production - all this is so fascinating about retro bikes.

Traditional manufacturers are reissuing their classics or taking inspiration from the past in their new production. Prices range from 500 euros for a second-hand bike and up to 5,000 euros for a lovingly hand-built classic. What all these bikes have in common is that you need a little more muscle power to get around than with the modern models, but the riding experience makes up for it. Or as trend researcher Daniel Rettig puts it: "Riders experience the road and their environment much more intensively. These bikes simply make you happy."

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