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Ayurvedic treatments

Traditional Ayurvedic massages

More than 5,000 years ago, a health doctrine was developed in ancient India called the "science of long and healthy life", which strives for harmony between body, mind and soul - Ayurveda. The holistic approach of Ayurveda combines the areas of nutrition, lifestyle and medicine and is still an integral part of everyday life in India today. In this country, Ayurveda is mainly used for relaxation and beauty rituals. Massages according to this ancient Indian tradition provide a special wellness experience with profound effects.

Gentle stroking movements, warm sesame oil or fragrant herbal packets on the skin - an Ayurveda massage promises absolute relaxation. Ayurveda teaches that our constitution depends on different energy flows. If these are balanced, there is harmony and we feel balanced. If, on the other hand, our energy flows are out of balance - whether due to stress, an unhealthy diet or environmental influences - Ayurvedic treatments can help to restore the harmonious flow of energy.

Ayurvedic massage

Full body massage Abhyanga

The full body massage Abhyanga is one of the most beneficial and effective Ayurvedic treatments. Abhyanga translates as "oiling with loving hands" and thus captures the essence of Ayurvedic massage rituals. According to ancient Indian scriptures, the hands are considered a divine instrument and apply warm oils to the skin using various stroking techniques. Through the massage, the oils spread over the entire body and penetrate deep into the tissues, where they nourish cells and organs. The gentle movements calm the nervous system, loosen ligaments, muscles and tendons. "The body enters a state of deep relaxation during this treatment, a feeling of well-being full of relaxation and lightness that makes you forget time and space," explains Rosalinde Freund, owner of the Romantik Hotel FREUND & SPA Resort in Vöhl in northern Hesse. They specialise in Ayurvedic massages.


In order to benefit from the harmonising effect of an Ayurveda treatment, no spiritual teachings or lifestyle changes are required. Awareness and mindfulness are central components of Ayurveda and can easily be incorporated into everyday life through a healthy diet or enjoying nature. Ayurvedic massages also offer a wonderful means of finding peace in everyday life and, by strengthening the inner balance, finding more of oneself again. According to the Ayurvedic definition, this is how true beauty is created - through the harmony of body, mind and soul.

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