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Holiday in the Taunus

Experience more than 1,000 kilometres of hiking trails

Hiking in the low mountain range makes you particularly happy, says science. The view of the diverse landscape, where lush fields, flowering orchard meadows and dense coniferous forest alternate, shows: you are in a hotel in the Taunus. While on holiday in the Taunus, take a hike to one of the easily accessible peaks, such as the Großer Feldberg, 880 metres high, with its distinctive transmitter station. The network of marked trails is around 1240 kilometres long. Theme trails along the Roman Limes or in the footsteps of the notorious robber chief Schinderhannes recall the colourful past of the mountains between Wiesbaden and Weilburg. Historic forest inns invite you to take a break, as do the cosy taverns in one of the region's picturesque half-timbered villages.

A castle as a hotel: A Hotel to remember

The Romantik Hotels & Restaurants include a special hotel in the Taunus, Schloss Rettershof. There you can feel like the lord of the castle and explore the surroundings on foot, by mountain bike or in style on horseback. The castle ruins of Eppstein, Falkenstein and Königstein are close by, and if you want to see more than just local wildlife, we recommend a visit to the Opel Zoo in Kronberg, the only one in Hesse to keep a herd of African elephants. You can find out how things used to be in the region at the nearby Hessenpark open-air museum, where typical half-timbered buildings from all over the country have been reconstructed from original parts. For sporting recreation, go on a climbing tour on the Eschbach Cliffs, a twelve-metre-high quartzite wall near Usingen, or take a dip in the Hattsteinweiher, the only bathing water in the Taunus.

Holidays in the Taunus: Imperial spas

If you choose a hotel in the Taunus, you'll be in illustrious company: the region's spas have attracted masses of crowned heads over the past 200 years. The tsar's family loved to stay in Bad Ems, and the German emperors spent many weeks a year in Bad Homburg. In the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Bad there, a modern day spa today also pampers middle-class guests. After a holiday in the Taunus, King Chulalongkorn of Thailand gave the town a Siamese temple for its spa gardens, which his successors regularly visit. Even the "King of Rock'n'Roll" has been to the Taunus: Elvis Presley stayed in Bad Nauheim during his military service. The numerous mineral springs were and are particularly attractive. The most famous springs in Selters: the name of the town has become synonymous with sparkling water. Book your hotel in the Taunus right here.

Romantik Hotel Schloss Rettershof

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