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Behind the seven mountains, by the... Well, are there really dwarfs here in the Ore Mountains? There is no shortage of mountains, at least, and for many centuries people dug deeper and deeper tunnels to extract the precious ore. Almost like the dwarves in a fairy tale - except that the work here was full of toil and plague and anything but fairy-tale-like.
The many small mining villages here in the Saxon region north of the border with the Czech Republic still bear witness to these times. But the Ore Mountains have long since been transformed into a fascinating leisure and holiday destination - of course, with the mountains! Whether Annaberg, Freiberg, Schwarzenberg and of course Zwickau or Chemnitz: many places offer themselves as a starting point for a holiday in the Ore Mountains. Explore the area on the numerous hiking and cycling trails - or in winter on the cross-country trails and ski slopes. You can experience the special history in exciting museums and 20 visitor mines, castles and castle ruins as well as no less than four historic railways. Everywhere you will discover the regional culture, which is particularly famous for its artistic carvings, wooden figures and glassblowing.

A visit to the dream factory

A holiday in the Ore Mountains is therefore playfully easy to fill with exciting, interesting and challenging activities. It's a good thing that there are hotels in the Ore Mountains to match. The Romantik Hotels & Restaurants not only offer first-class service and outstanding comfort - the small establishments are often furnished in historically or architecturally unusual houses and are usually run by families. The hosts in your hotel in the Ore Mountains naturally know their homeland inside out and can therefore be happy to give you advice: They will undoubtedly recommend a visit to the sprawling Blankenhain Castle and the German Agricultural Museum there, a visit to Scharfenstein Castle dating from 1250, a ride on the Fichtelberg cable car and, of course, a visit to the impressive Freiberg Cathedral. You will also get information about hiking and skiing areas and the many other sights - and they will tell you what the Manufacture of Dreams in Annaberg-Buchholz is all about. Your romantic hotel in the Ore Mountains offers you a very special all-round service.

From inventive spirit to cold dog

The hardship of mining and transporting ore has made the people of the Ore Mountains resourceful - the Mining Museum in Oelsnitz and the Railway Museum in Schwarzenberg, for example, show the technical ingenuity with which people have made their work easier. Much has also been developed for the more effective production of arts and crafts products.
The local cuisine is also worth discovering: if you spend your holiday in the Ore Mountains out in the countryside in hiking
boots, on your bike or on the ski slopes, it can be an energy-sapping affair - all the nicer then to enjoy the regional cuisine, which spoils you with both hearty dishes and some specialities: Try the tasty potato dish Klitscher, sweet oatmeal-quark kuulchen, rich fruit bread, time-honoured Tiegelwurst or "cold dog". It's so delicious that even dwarves would sit down at the table...

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