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Spring cure for a strong body

In order for the body's own detoxification programme to run successfully, there are a few simple basic rules: Drink at least two litres of water or unsweetened fruit or herbal tea per day. This is the only way to flush out toxins and waste products that have accumulated over the past months. Relieving the body also means eating more simply. Experts advise eating no more than two fruits or vegetables per meal. And also important: get at least 20 minutes of fresh air every day. Exercise activates the lymphatic system, promotes detoxification and strengthens the body's defences. And visibly: the complexion looks clearer, the metabolism is more active and the immune system more powerful.

Too much toxin in the body
The signs are clear: a sallow complexion, exhaustion, bad mood, frequent headaches, sleeping problems and joint pain. Acid-forming foods such as sausage, coffee, sweets, alcohol, milk or cheese are removed from the diet and replaced with alkaline foods (fruit and vegetables). Just one detox day is enough to roughly purify the body. It is up to the person concerned to decide which detox cure is the right one and how long it lasts, whether one day, a weekend, 14 days or longer. Newcomers should start with a short course of one to three days. In any case, the digestive system is relieved, the intestines and internal organs can dispose of old burdens - this is how detoxification gets going.

Juice cure

Juice for more strength
The classic and strictest detox cure is the juice cure. After the body has been prepared for the juice cure with a vegetarian and alkaline diet for a few days, all meals are finally replaced by juices and smoothies (see recipe p. 62). In addition, 2.5 litres of water and herbal tea are consumed every day to flush out the detoxification organs of liver, kidneys and intestines.

Detoxify with the Lymphodrainer
The Lymphodrainer is a professional device that improves lymph flow and stimulates the metabolism. Toxins are removed, skin and tissue are vitalised. Eva-Marie Scheucher, hostess at the Romantik Hotel im Park in Bad Radkersburg, about the application: "I recommend the treatment to purify, decongest and regenerate the tissue. The skin structure looks finer, smoother and fresher afterwards. The result is enhanced if the treatment is combined with a purifying brine full body wrap, an algae wrap or a draining pumpkin seed pack."

Five oils for active cells

As an additive in bath water, eucalyptus oil lets us breathe deeply. It clears the respiratory tract, kills germs, loosens phlegm, makes wounds heal faster, cleanses the bloodstream.

Peppermint oil is an insider tip against insect bites and herpes. It soothes the inflammation and thus the itching. In addition, it brings calm to the digestive system and increases alertness and concentration.

Cinnamon oil has been considered a health and beauty elixir for centuries. It promotes the function of the kidneys, inhibits inflammation and stimulates blood circulation.

It is a fragrance that tastes of freshness and health. Mandarin oil, for example, as a bath additive, prepares the body for detoxification because it stimulates circulation and purifies the blood.

A massage or bath with juniper oil awakens the body's defences, provides peace and promotes concentration. Cramps and inflammations are relieved, digestion is stimulated.

Celery juice

Our recipe: Fresh celery juice

It is trendy, easy to prepare and a real all-rounder. Celery juice purifies the blood, detoxifies, stimulates digestion, has important vitamins, helps you lose weight and strengthens the immune system.

Preparation: Wash fresh celery stalks, cut into pieces and put into the juicer. In the morning, drink a large glass on an empty stomach 15 minutes before breakfast.

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