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The shining example: Sonne Küsnacht with LED luminaires

Optimizing the energy efficiency of a historic building like the Romantik Seehotel Sonne on Lake Zurich is a challenging task. After all, in addition to the energy-saving goals, it is also necessary to comply with the requirements of cultural heritage protection.

Its charisma extends far beyond the Lake Zurich region: the Romantik Seehotel Sonne in Küsnacht, rich in tradition. To ensure that the jewel with almost 400 years of history also looks forward to a bright future, the Grüter-Julen host family has been investing specifically in sustainability for some time.


Familienzimmer Seehotel Sonne

Long-term commitment with competent partners

For several years now, the hotel, which is certified by the Energy Economy of the Future (EnaW), has been participating in an energy-saving program and has already achieved significant goals. In addition, the Sun relies on the expertise of competent partners: For example, with a lighting designer, all light sources in and around the house were replaced with LED lights. These save electricity and ensure that the hotel's own art collection continues to appear in the best light with lower electricity consumption.


A vision of the future

The old windows, in turn, were replaced with the help of a company specializing in historic glazing: Thanks to their expertise, the "Sonne" now has windows that meet the highest energy standards and are a perfect visual match for the historic building. Not to mention the fantastic view of Lake Zurich that they provide when looking outside.

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