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Light for health

The seven colours of light are used in chromotherapy to support vitality and activate healing processes in the body. It has proven particularly effective for depressive moods (winter blues), sleep disorders and nervousness. Three therapeutic approaches are now distinguished: colour light therapy, colour puncture and aura soma. Coloured light therapy affects the brain and the nervous system through the eyes. In colour puncture, the acupuncture points are not treated with needles, but are irradiated with coloured light. Aura Soma, on the other hand, is a therapy approach without light. The patients choose two coloured liquids, which the therapist then treats them with at the corresponding points.

Colour effect

How the colours work


  • calming, warming


  • stimulating, mood-lifting, appetising


  • awakens the desire to learn, is mood-lifting, nervine, detoxifying, stimulates digestion


  • balancing, regenerating, calming, vitalising, balances body and soul
Colour effect


  • cooling, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic


  • cooling, inspiring


  • stimulating, inspiring, balancing, regenerating, anxiety-relieving, purifying

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