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A second life for historical finds

Historic preservation has many aspects. Not only is the preservation of one's own building fabric essential, but also creative ideas on how to integrate things worthy of preservation from one's immediate surroundings into the hotel experience. Three exemplary examples from the Romantik Hotel L'Ours in Murten.

The Bären in Murten - or "Ours" as it is called in French - dates back to 1843 and is of course a listed building. With a lot of heart and soul, the house was restored in cooperation with the responsible authorities. But not only that - in and around the Bear, numerous historical finds found a new home and are now welcome attractions for guests.


Example 1: the "Havana" salon on a journey

They have travelled a long way: the wooden panelling in the "Havana Salon" in the Bären originally came from Wimmis Castle, which stands at the entrance to the Simmental. During an earlier renovation of the castle, they were moved to the management office of the "Kaiserhaus", a department store in Bern at the time. After its renovation, the beautiful wooden panelling finally ended up in the Bären in Murten.


Example 2: the saved lock

In the course of the Jura water correction, the Broye Canal was moved from its original location in front of the Bären by about 70 metres. As a result, there was no further use for the locks. Or rather, in order to be able to continue to present these original pieces, the owner of the Bären built a pond into which a lock was integrated.


Example 3: the transplanted kiosk

Everything once revolved around the art nouveau kiosk on Place Centrale in Biel. At some point, the jewel where daily newspapers, magazines, tobacco and sweets were sold had to make way for a new street layout. The kiosk, on the other hand, was moved to the garden in the Bären Murten, where it was carefully restored and now serves as a fumoir.

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