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Roasting coffee but how?

It is a process that involves dry heat, special scents and a good ear. The goal: to elicit the more than 800 aromatic substances from the coffee beans in a gentle process that makes the beverage so incomparable. Roasting coffee - a craft that requires a lot of experience. Nicola Ruß is an expert and explains how roasting transforms a hard coffee kernel into a crunchy pleasure product. "Green coffee smells of freshly cut grass. At 200 to 215 degrees, it turns into a brown coffee bean that smells more like freshly baked toast in about 20 minutes. We keep an eye on the beans during the entire roasting process and also listen carefully. Because with the so-called first crack, the beans tell us that they are getting too hot. The temperature then has to be adjusted."

Roasters refer to the time when the water in the coffee bean begins to boil and escapes as steam as the first crack. The temperature and the duration of roasting determine whether the coffee can develop its full aroma. If roasted too quickly and too hot, it burns, retains acidity and develops bitterness. Nicole Ruß: "Our coffee, on the other hand, has more of a sweet note. The beans contain fructose. If they are roasted gently, the sugar can caramelise and the acidity has time to dissipate." Ideal conditions for perfect coffee enjoyment.

Interview with Gerd Ripp

Mr Ripp, what does a barista actually do - apart from conjuring up patterns in the milk foam?
Gerd Ripp (laughs): A barista is a coffee expert through and through. He knows the product from its origin to its quality and taste characteristics to its perfect preparation.

And how do you make the ideal coffee?
The basis for this is a good green coffee that has been gently roasted. When preparing the coffee, it is important not to pour boiling water over the ground coffee. This burns the flavours and makes the coffee bitter. My tip: Let boiled water cool down to about 85 degrees - perfect.

What equipment do you prefer to use to make coffee?
The best way to make good coffee is with a portafilter machine. But I'm also a big fan of the French press and filter coffee.

What coffee trends do you find most exciting at the moment?
My guests can look forward to draft coffee. Coffee is cooled gently and poured into bourbon barrels. Currently, we offer the avocado latte, among other things. My personal favourite is eggnog espresso, a cooled double espresso macchiato with a shot of eggnog - a heavenly treat.

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