Miles & More

Collect award miles with Romantik for Miles & More

When was the last time you were really pampered? At Romantik hotels, you can expect perfect service in a unique setting. Book your stay at a Romantik hotel of your choice from 1.9. to 31.10.2021 and earn double award miles per night.

How it works

1. Book your stay at participating hotels online via

2. Quote your Miles & More service card number when booking.

3. The award miles will be credited automatically after your stay. 

Double miles per night

  • Valid for bookings from 1.9. to 31.10.2021

  • Valid for stays from 1.9. to 21.12.2021

  • The standard 500 -M- per night plus 500 -M- extra per night

  • 1,000 -M- for 1 night, 2,000 -M- for 2 nights

  • And 3,000 -M- for 3 nights or more

  • Valid at all participating hotels for bookings made via

 At Romantik, travel dreams come true! Collect award miles with Romantik. Spend exciting days and enjoy culinary highlights in your Romantik Hotel.

Miles with tradition: Miles & More became famous as Europe's leading frequent flyer program. Founded in 1993 with seven hotel and car rental partners, Miles & More has 27 million subscribers, 26 Star Alliance partners and nine other Miles & More airline partners. Today, Miles & More is more than a frequent flyer program. As a premium and frequent flyer program, Miles & More is networked with over 350 partner companies "on the ground". There, Miles & More participants can choose attractive brand products and collect miles. Miles & More partners offer a wide range of different areas of life such as fashion, electronics, wellness, lifestyle, culinary art. Miles & More - earn miles on board and on the ground and redeem them for rewards.

All information can be found at

Romantik Conditions

In over 200 Romantik Hotels and 250 Romantik Restaurants in nine European countries, you will receive 500 award miles per night (up to 1,500 bonus miles per stay), which will be collected directly via, the hotel website or via telephone (bookings via third parties are excluded). With every Euro turnover in the hotel, restaurant, spa and / or for further services you will earn another award mile (no award miles for external services). Romantik hoteliers welcome travellers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scotland, Italy and Spain.

And this is how it works:

The mileage credit is automatic when you book online via (from June 7th). For phone bookings or bookings via the hotel website, the mileage credit is subsequently issued by photo credit via the Miles & More app. You need to identify yourself with your Miles & More service card by check out. Your invoice will be then marked for the mileage. This is also the case for restaurant visits or wellness treatments.

Discover with Romantik the largest bonus and frequent flyer program in Europe and reward yourself with a stay at your Romantik Hotel!

Excluded from the mileage credits are group bookings, company rates, celebrations, and bookings via RomantikCard and Romantik Pass, as well as a combination with any other form of bonus programme or promotion.