Experience the natural beauty of the region while staying at a modern 21st century castle.

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At a glance the Romantik Schlosshotel Hohenstein

Amidst lush meadows and dense forests, only a few kilometres from Coburg, is our beloved culinary home: the Romantik Hotel Schloss Hohenstein.
Here you will find our hidden gem, with a contemporary approach to detail, but above all, a haven that combines traditional and modern methods together.

In our diverse array of 15 rooms, our guests can feel like lords and ladies of the castle. The rooms are spread over the castle and our guest farmhouse. Two rooms are only accessible via a historical tower.
Our equipment: up-to-date, combined with historical furniture, lovingly and thoughtfully presented. Pack your bags and treat yourself!

Top chef Andreas Rehberger cooks personally for his guests. His culinary philosophy: to bring the naturalness of the region to life. To create something unspectacularly luxurious, with a lot of heart and even more awareness for man and nature. 

Hiking and biking trails, urban shopping, art and culture as well as rural tradition and international festivals, you can simply feel at home here.

RoHo Hohenstein Ahorn
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Zimmer RoHo Hohenstein
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Restaurant RoHo Hohenstein2
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Hochzeitssuite RoHo Hohenstein
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Food Zubereitung RoHo Hohenstein
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Saal RoHo Hohenstein
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Zimmer3 RoHo Hohenstein
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Festsaal RoHo Hohenstein2
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Innenhof RoHo Hohenstein
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Terrace Quit location Meeting rooms Pets allowed Child-friendly Free wifi Parking area

To mark the 80th birthday of the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, we welcome you to a special exhibition of Bob Dylan's works from July to October 2021.

„Experience the naturalness of the region”
Family Rehberger