Experience the natural beauty of the region while staying at a modern 21st century castle.

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Umgebung Winter RoHo Hohenstein
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Umgebung Roho Hohenstein
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Ambience at the Romantik Hotel Schloss Hohenstein

Our Romantik Hotel Schloss Hohenstein is located in the tranquil village of Ahorn, not far from the residential town of Coburg, in the middle of greenery, yet connected to public life. In the north the Rennsteig and the Franconian Forest, in the south Bamberg and the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Just a little bit of everything: Pure nature, rural traditions, urban shopping facilities, international festivals, museums, theatres, historical castles and palaces. Not to mention the Franconian Switzerland, which is well worth a day trip and is very easy to reach by car. What do you want more? It is no surprise that we have found our wonderful home here in Franconia.

  • Samba-Festival
  • Castle Square Festival
  • Coburg Design Days
  • Bamberg conjures
  • Sandkerwa Bamberg
  • Crana Historica Kronach

Palaces and castles

  • Veste Coburg
  • Callenberg Castle
  • Ehrenburg Castle
  • Rosenberg Fortress

Popular destinations

  • Gerätemuseum des Coburger Landes 3.20 km
  • Schloss Ehrenburg mit Schlossplatz 8.60 km
  • Veste Coburg mit Kunstsammlung 10.10 km
  • Schloss Callenberg mit herzöglichem Kunstbesitz und deutschem Schützenmuseum 13.10 km
  • Festung Rosenberg 35.30 km