Guests can enjoy sophisticated fish dishes prepared from fresh market ingredients in the restaurant, or in the beautiful garden during the summer months.

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Museums in Morges castle
Built to protect the town in the Middle Ages, Morges Castle is now an important cultural and recreational attraction with four museums under its roof: the military museum, figurine museum, artillery museum and police museum.

Prangins Castle – Swiss national museum
The majestic castle of Prangins near Nyon is the only sub-branch of the National Museum in French-speaking Switzerland. Prangins is a not-to-be missed cultural site in the region thanks to its 18th century castle, the largest that can be visited in Switzerland, and its historic vegetable garden, also the country’s largest of its kind.
Built around 1730 in a magnificent park above Lake Geneva, the castle of Prangins houses the Swiss National Museum, which is dedicated to modern, democratic and industrial Switzerland between 1730 and 1920.

Cheese factory Dufaux
Discover three cheeses from the Lake Geneva Region that carry the “ protected designation of origin ” label (AOP), along with other gourmet specialities
Jacques-Alain Dufaux, well-known as a food aficionado in this region, offers about a hundred cheeses that originate mainly from Switzerland and the Lake Geneva Region. It should be mentioned that customers with the most discerning palates have crowded into this little emporium, including the actress Audrey Hepburn who was Morges’ most famous resident.

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