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Diving in Lake Wolfgang

Floating as if in weightlessness, accompanied only by the gentle bubbling of the compressed air when you exhale. The equipment that is still heavy on land becomes a pleasant companion in the water. Every moment is experienced consciously. No wonder that most divers become almost addicted to this unique feeling.

The fascination of diving - it is a visit to another, silent world. You learn to respect nature and to move in it without disturbing it. In an everyday life characterised by hectic and constant accessibility, you find absolute silence under water. You can't even speak. In addition, there is the awareness of one's own breathing, the concentration on oneself. When you are excited, you automatically breathe faster, have less oxygen at your disposal and quickly remember to breathe more calmly.

But diving is not just for getting away from it all. It offers a good opportunity to reflect on interpersonal relationships. Because diving is a sport that is never practised alone. You have to trust your diving partner, also called "buddy", and be able to rely on each other absolutely. It quickly becomes clear how important it is to have such a reliable partner by your side - especially under water!

When they think of diving, many people immediately think of colourful coral reefs and exotic South Sea worlds. But lake diving is no less fascinating. Especially the Wolfgangsee with the Romantik Hotel Im Weißen Rössl is a very special area for divers. Compared to other mountain lakes in the area, visibility here is excellent all year round. And there is a lot to see in the Wolfgangsee.

On the western shore of the Wolfgangsee, near the Franzosenschanze, hides a very wondrous underwater world. Numerous trees lie here on the rocky lake bed. Diving in this area has almost a fairytale quality, as if you were diving through a sunken forest. Occasionally you will also encounter a very rare inhabitant of Lake Wolfgang - the pearlfish. This endangered species of carp owes its name to the white-coloured bumps on the skin of almost the entire body, which the males display during the spawning season. In addition to this splendid specimen, you will mainly encounter pike, trout or roach in Lake Wolfgang. A total of 27 different species of fish live here.

Almost exactly opposite the Franzosenschanze, on the eastern shore of the lake, is Mount Falkenstein. While hikers enjoy the view from almost 800 metres above the lake and cliff divers plunge into the lake from a height of 23 metres, divers will find a very special highlight here. The mountain wall drops steeply even below the water surface and you can dive right along it. In some places, the Falkenstein wall has overhangs in the rock. The sight of these formations is spectacular, but it also makes the dive particularly challenging. In the nearby surroundings there are also unique grottos and caves through which you can dive several metres into the mountain. This incredible variety of underwater discovery possibilities makes Lake Wolfgang one of the most beautiful and exciting diving areas in Austria.

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