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Escape time

The magic takes effect immediately. With the first stroke of the paddle, you glide into a wonderful world where stress and hectic are quickly forgotten. The Franconian Saale meanders through a fascinating nature reserve, past meadows, forests and venerable willows whose branches bend low down to the water's surface. The 140-kilometre-long river rises in Grabfeldgau near Bad Königshofen and flows into the Main near Gemünden. Around 100 kilometres are navigable for water sports enthusiasts. Kayak, canoe, canadier or stand-up paddler - everything is possible, there are rental stations everywhere. Courses for beginners and guided tours are also offered here.

The mostly leisurely flowing Saale also offers beginners the opportunity to enjoy the adventure of water hiking in a relaxed way. The river is one of the most popular areas because it offers so much variety when viewed from the water. In addition to the impressive nature, old villages and towns nestling along the river are fascinating, with historical sights such as castles and palaces in between.

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