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Kitesurfing, Sailing, Stand Up Paddling - Active North Sea Holidays

The beaches of the North Sea are fine and sandy. Anyone who claims that you have to travel to distant countries to sail is very much mistaken. The North Sea is one of the most beautiful and demanding sailing areas in the world. Surfers are also drawn to the most remote places in search of the perfect wave, yet the North Sea is right on their doorstep. Why take long flights when the wild sea on the North Sea coast offers everything the water sports heart desires? It doesn't matter whether the sporting holidays are to take place on the mainland or on one of the idyllic North Sea islands. The North Sea is and remains a water sports region. All fans of wind and waves get their money's worth here.

Enjoying the wind in your sails

The North Sea is a very demanding sailing area. Not least because of the tides that set the tone here. Low and high tides, the protected nature reserves and the constantly changing winds pose a real challenge for active holidays. A challenge, however, that real water sports enthusiasts are more than happy to take on. The harbour towns of Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhaven in particular are true sailing paradises. There is something for every taste here. From a short taster day on the deck of a small sailing boat to a trip lasting several days on one of the big ships - everything is possible on the North Sea. For those who prefer to take the helm themselves, there are numerous sailing courses to choose from. Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven are the sailing hotspots of the coast for this purpose too, but there is also a recommendable sailing school on the beautiful island of Spiekeroog.

The Nordic wave - a case for professionals

"I am so stoked." - Experienced surfers immediately understand the state of mind of the person uttering this sentence. It is meant to express complete satisfaction after surfing. Being stoked is, so to speak, a philosophy of life that aspires to live in harmony with nature - all on a wave, of course. The North Sea is the perfect place to be in harmony with life on a wave. In fact, it is the ideal place to indulge this passion.

Norderney - small but fine surf scene

Norderney regularly attracts a small but fine surf scene. Constant conditions prevail on the North Sea island at Januskopf. Especially when the north-westerly wind dies down or shifts to the south. Beginners can learn the most important surfing basics here. Young surfers can learn the take-off and the right paddling technique in a playful way at a surf school on Norderney. The best time to surf on the North Sea pearl is in spring and autumn, precisely when there is a low pressure over the North Sea in the direction of the Baltic Sea.

Sylt - the queen of the wave

Sylt, on the other hand, is considered the birthplace of German surfing and is especially suitable for professionals. With its long sandy beaches, the well-known island on the Nordic coast offers ideal conditions for impressive waves. Of course, beginners can also surf on the island, provided they observe all safety measures, but the general rule is: if you can stand your waves on Sylt, you can do it anywhere else! Due to the temperatures, the surfing season here, just like on the rest of the German North Sea coast, lasts from the beginning of May until the end of October. However, the wave consistency is much more consistent in winter. That's why really hardcore surfers are not deterred by the cold winter months in their search for the perfect wave. After all, Sylt is the island of surfers, not only in Germany.

Kitesurfing North Sea - Windsurfing on "Kitesurfisland" Juist - only flying is more beautiful

The windsurfing board whizzes smoothly over the water. A constant stream of air inflates the sail, the board glides faster, faster and faster. The vast horizon in view, endless dunes behind you, the blue shimmering North Sea beneath the board - windsurfing on Juist is addictive! The sport has long been a tradition on the small North Sea island. It is not without reason that it is called "Kitesurfisland". The Juist Wadden Sea offers ideal conditions for this water sport. Moderate wind conditions prevail here, which makes it easier for beginners in particular to get started. Surfing fans can make quick jibes or dare their first jumps over small choppy waves. The Juist kite school is located on the north side. It is located on the kilometre-long and several hundred metre-wide sandy beach. The expanse of the beach with its offshore sandbanks not only offers a wonderful view, the conditions for a successful water sports holiday are also ideal. Far away from the hustle and bustle of other kite spots, the newly qualified windsurfer can try his or her hand undisturbed under the Juist sky. On the North Sea island, the kite zone is located east of the bathing area, at the last exit of the promenade. Conditions range from flat water to high waves, depending on the tide and wind strength. After the water sports experience, you can relax at Romantik Hotel Achterdiek.

Beach sailing on the North Sea: racing across the land with boats

Beach sailors do a lot of things the other way round: they sail over land in boats and set sail on wheeled vehicles. When it gets too windy for others, the fun really begins for the beach sailors. Beach sailing looks quite simple from afar, but it's a lot of fun. Depending on the wind and equipment, the sailors race across the sand at speeds of up to 140 kilometres per hour. Especially in autumn and winter, beach sailing is considered a great alternative for sailors or surfers, but it is also suitable for landlubbers. The basics of beach sailing are taught in one or two-day courses, for children as young as eight. From being a means of transport in ancient Egypt and China about 1,500 years ago, beach sails have developed into sports equipment that is used for national and international competitions today. The Mecca of beach sailing in Germany is St. Peter-Ording, which can be reached quickly from Hamburg. But wonderful beaches on the North Sea in the Netherlands and Belgium also offer ideal conditions.

East Frisia Norden - a paradise for active holidaymakers

East Frisia and water sports are simply inseparable: At the paddle and pedal stations, windsurfing and kitesurfing schools, boat rentals, diving centres and water ski lifts, water sports holidaymakers can actively experience the sea here. The landscape is also criss-crossed by river courses and canals, which is ideal for excursions by canoe. For those who want to combine nature with water, East Frisia around Norden and Hage offers a well-designed nature experience with "paddle and pedal". The Romantik Hotel Reichshof is the perfect place to stay and relax for water sports fans.

Sporting diversity in East Frisia

The variety of sporting activities in East Frisia is impressive. They offer the best training opportunities for both amateur and professional athletes. The region around the historic town of Norden has a good 27 kilometres of dyke line and a ferry port to the offshore islands of Juist and Norderney. With its spa and beach promenade, the Seekurgarten and the Wellenpark, Norddeich is the ideal place for an active holiday with a guarantee of relaxation on the North Sea coast.

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