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80 million years like a day

The adventure began 80 million years ago and was violently stopped when the oldest desert on earth marched straight into the Atlantic. Since then, the Namib has been one of the very few coastal deserts and is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. But only those who don't know Namibia say that. The reality has enchanting names: Sossusvlei, Kalahari, Kolmanskop, Fish River Canyon, Dead Vlei and of course Etosha, the kingdom of animals from the Namib sand gecko to the desert elephant.

Searching for traces in the red sandstone
Some 79,994,000 years later, the indigenous people have begun to paint history on rocks. If you go in search of traces, you will find over 2500 fantastically preserved rock engravings in the red sandstone that tell of a peaceful life with nature. Rock book, so to speak. In 1883 the peace was over. The Bremen tobacco merchant Adolf Lüderitz sensed a lot of diamonds in the sands of the Namib, founded the town of Lüderitzbucht and acquired a 300 x 150 kilometre piece of land that became the colony of German Southwest Africa. Deep in its soul, it remains so to this day. Over Black Forest cake or a beer made according to the German Purity Law. And don't be surprised if a coloured Herero greets you with the words: Good morning, my name is Walter. You must always expect such surprises in Namibia.


Resort Namibia

Namibia enchants
If you subtract the inhabitants of the capital Windhoek, what remains is an endless expanse with an average of two people per square kilometre, but a hundred thousand colours and formations of deserts, river valleys and mountain ranges. From Germany in 10 short flying hours and without time difference, you land in one of the most beautiful and safest travel destinations in Africa. 42 percent of its area is protected, with an abundance of national parks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Dreamlike luxury lodges and camps hang like pearls on a string, mostly at cultural and historical sites or in the immediate vicinity of spectacular natural wonders.


Experiences for the time of your life

  • The Zambezi region, where the Okavango becomes the life-giver of Africa's largest and most animal-rich wetland. 1300 plant species, 290 animal species and 444 bird species are at home in the delta.
  • Etosha National Park, the 22,000 square kilometre playroom of almost all of Africa's wild animals.
  • In Kaokoland, off-road adventures through a fascinating bush savannah and colourful mountain landscapes to the Epupa Falls.
  • In the gorges and crystal pools of the Naukluft Mountains. Makes you speechless with happiness.
  • After a hike through the 550-metre-deep Fish River Canyon, where the temperature can reach 50 degrees, a Malawi Shandy is twice as good.
  • In the morning at 6am in Sossusvlei, when the sun rises behind the 350-metre-high dunes and paints black shadows on the sea of sand.
  • In wildly romantic Damaraland or while mountain biking on the former protection troop trails of the Aus Mountains.

Namibia – full of wonder

Whenever you return from such adventures, the second part of a holiday begins. Usually initiated by the pool, often still with a sundowner safari through the in-house game park, crowned by unparalleled hospitality and concluded by a night under the fabulous starry canopy. Namibia - wonderful and full of wonders.

Info Gondwana Collection Namibia

  • Founded in 1996 Plan: Conversion of farmland into nature reserves
  • 23 lodges, one hotel and 17 self-catering chalets in almost all parts of the country
  • Philosophy: sustainability, social commitment, nature conservation
  • In the Gondwana areas: no hunting of wild animals, dismantling of fences, creation of wildlife-friendly water points, reintroduction of indigenous animal species
  • Numerous lodges have been awarded 5 desert flowers (the highest rating of the Eco Awards environmental seal of approval).
  • Gondwana promotes the friendly encounter of cultures
  • Own training centre: over 1000 employees have a secure job through Gondwana

Further information: www.gondwana-collection.com

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